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Jan 25, 2008 04:25 AM

Crocodile Rock - help me!

My friend's boyfriend has put together a small group to go for dinner to celebrate her birthday. A larger group will be joining us after for drinks and dancing. He has come to the conclusion that the best place to do both is Crocodile Rock. I have gently suggested that we could try another place for dinner, then go to CrocRock for afterwards. He is convinced that dinner will be fine at CrocRock, so now my question is, has anyone out there had dinner there, and are there any recommendations you could pass along?

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  1. If her boyfriend has chosen Crocodile Rock's - it should be fine .... if not she hopefully will have plenty of other birthdays in the future. If you don't like it just have a smaller birthday dinner with her and a few others (without her boyfriend) a little later.

    1. I've only gone there for the "cheap" drinks and "cheap" ..............

      Wait, think I remember having the coconut shrimp - it was tastey

      1. short of getting new friends whose boyfriends do not think that crocodile rock is an acceptable location for a birthday dinner (i'm only half-joking), my suggestion is to go and drink lots. your friend will appreciate that you came, and that's the most important thing!! you can have a good meal elsewhere some other time.