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Jan 25, 2008 03:22 AM

What's good at Balthazar for lunch?

...and don't bother suggesting I go somewhere else.

We'll be a table of 6 for lunch on a Thursday.

Should I order something for the table?

How's the burger?

I see the special will be rabbit. Ever had it?

Beef stroganoff?

Please help.

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  1. I happen to love the Bar Steak w/ beranaise sauce. It is a bot filling for lunch..I probably could use a nap after, but just sooo good!! The burger is good, too..but to me..burgers are burgers. The grilled cheese w/ham is great, too!! I never had the rabbit...(sorry I had one as a pet when I was younger, so I could never eat "Fluffy". :)

    My husband ordered the Beef Stroganoff before and I probably eat all his good!! Especially the sauce!!

    Have a great time!

    1. Onion soup, steak frites and profiteroles for dessert.

      1. I love the plateau de fruits de mer - good for the table to share, the steak tartare, the frites and the profiteroles.

        1. If you want to get something for the table the large chilled seafood platter is really good. For your own meal I recommend, Onion Soup. Steak (rare) Frites with BĂ©arnaise or the butter topping (can't recall what it's called). Pavlova for dessert. I've ordered other dishes but always return for these.

          1. The burger's great, esp. ordered rare.