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Jan 25, 2008 12:36 AM

Who offers the best Fried Pork Chop in the LA & OC vicinity?

I like pork chop. The fried kind. I like the fried drizzled in gravy kind. I like the HK-style rice and pork chop kind. I also like the Taiwanese version. I like the salt/pepper kind. I like my Jamaican friend's Mom's version of jerky pork chop. I like the frozen kind, well, only occasionally. If there's an African-style fried pork chop, I'd probably like it too.

I know they're bad for you. I know they've been stripped of all nutritional values and hardly qualify as protein source. They are a fat source. We all need daily portions of fat to stay alive. What I do not like is to find a lot of inedible fatty fats in my porkchop, I know they've got to be there but let's not distract me.

Speaking of fat, I need to not be that. Pork chops, fried ones especially, helps me to be that. So now I'm trying to only eat the best of the best (of fried pork chop) and leave the junks far far away from my tummy.

Care to share your favorite establishment offering these goodies??

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  1. The tonkatsu at Honda Ya is generally pretty reliable. I usually go to the Tustin store, but the one in Little Tokyo is good too. Can't vouch for their sister store's version in Fountain Valley, but imagine it's on par.

    Honda Ya Izakaya
    333 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

    Kappo Honda
    18450 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

    Honda Ya Japanese Restaurant
    556 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

    1. i don't know if you're looking for "fried pork" (meaning tonkatsu) like the above poster mentioned, but if you're looking for "pork chop" as i understand it -

      smothered pork chops from aunt kizzie's back porch in marina del rey are deeelicious.

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      1. re: logan

        Hi Logan,

        No, not tonkatsu although I like those too. I've eating something resembling porkchop but it was in fact tonkatsu - the meat was just pounded thin. It was delish.

        Do you recall what kind of gravy serve on the pork chop at aunt kizzie's? thanks!

        1. re: Beignets

          it's a typical southern presentation. first the chop is breaded, then fried, then simmered in a brown gravy. it's not a subtle dish at all, it's clumsy but right on with the flavors. the gravy isn't lumpy, creamy, or overly thick at all - just the right viscosity. highly recommended. also their chicken and dumplings rule all.

      2. Mmm, PORK!!!
        Of all places, I like the little thin sizzly porkchops at GINGERGRASS in Silverlake.
        They are these great pan fried tastey little treats that are sooo good!
        Only that thin little outline of fat around each cute chop...all sizzled up like the perfect porky conidment to compliment the porky little chops...mmm.
        They are kinda sweet kinda savory but sooo good.
        Another great thing about them is that they are served with a bunch of fresh leafy salady green things, rice, and some cabbage slaw to help ya feel better about all the greasy good ness.

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        1. re: tatertotsrock

          I love the fried pork chop at Din Tai Fung.

        2. The pork chop rice at Sinbala

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          1. re: koshie

            I've eaten more than my share of those!

          2. Depending on where you are, many people have raved about the deep fried pork chops at Seaport and also Seafood Town in Torrance on Hawthorne Blvd. Both are owned by the same people but I think Seafood Town is better. The thin pork chops are deep fried in a light rice flour or starch coating and served with seasoned salt and sliced hot green peppers. You can also get the Peking style pork chops which are almost like sweet sour chops in a tangy sauce.