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choosing an italian restaurant

goodhealthgourmet Jan 24, 2008 11:54 PM

already been to angelini osteria, valentino, pane e vino & orso. which of the following must i try next...?

la botte
il moro
la terza
all' angelo

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  1. n
    New Trial RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 25, 2008 12:34 AM

    Other than Melograno, which I have yet to get to (definitely on the list), I have been to all of these and they are all great choices in their own ways. La Botte is dark and romantic (and got a Michelin star, if that matters) but, that having been said, I took my parents there in early December and they loved it. Il Moro is perhaps the least "must try" of this group, though I do like it quite a bit for semi-casual dining. La Terza is owned by Angelini, though the menu and space are different--more relaxed and spacious, with some delicious roast meats on offer (alas, fewer than it used to have)--and I seem to recall, a vegetarian tasting menu is now available. All' Angelo is excellent, inventive, high end cooking and was named one of the best new restaurants of the year (2007) by Esquire Magazine--I chose it for a double Birthday celebration next week with a group of friends. Vincenti offers superb alta cucina cooking and is an often overlooked gem (Angelini used to be the chef there and it has lost none of its luster since his departure) hosted by the warm and gracious Maureen Vincenti. In other words, a delicious dilemma! But I would lean toward either All' Angelo or Vincenti for your next "must try" Italian.

    1. e
      Ery1 RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 25, 2008 02:12 AM

      How about dressing down and hit a great little hole in the wall Italian joint in Venice/ Marina area called Allejo's? (This is the original one on the corner of Washington and Lincoln. There's another one down further south in the Westchester area-not so good) You can bring your own wine and They'll open it with no corkage fee. The prices are great, food is excellent, and the open kitchen will fill whatever you're wearing full of the great smell of garlic-bigtime. Make sure you get there by 6 or so. It does get packed. Nothing fancy about it, just great food.

      Another Italian joint is Anna's on Pico in west LA. It's totally old school. They do several dishes at your table like Alfredo. When we go there, me and my g-friend always get this feeling that we walkd' in into a mob owned establishement; with it's amber colored dinning room and a big (but gentle) greeting host that speaks broken english...Mangia...


      1. o
        omakase RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 25, 2008 02:59 PM

        I've got to go with All' Angelo. I love the Salumi Platter, the Fritto Misto, the Tripe, and the Pappardelle Pasta. La Terza would be a close 2nd.

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        1. re: omakase
          whatsfordinner RE: omakase Jan 26, 2008 09:08 AM

          I have to disagree on All'Angelo. I was there last week. The salumi platter and cauliflower timbale were delicious, but the grilled lamb chops and chitarra spaghetti with langoustines were just passable. The pasta was cooked well, but there was something about the sauce I didn't like. The lamb chops were overcooked (we asked for medium rare and they were closer to well), over-salted, and also had a funny flavor. Both dishes were reminiscent of and on par with the lobster spaghetti and lamb chops at Bizou in Santa Monica.

          Of those listed, I prefer LaBotte. Il Moro seems corporate, but it could just be the fact it's in an office building. I haven't been to LaTerza in years, but I recall it being good. Still have to try Vicente and Melograno.

        2. wilafur RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 25, 2008 05:22 PM

          from the list, i'd go to all' angelo and vincenti.

          you may also want to give bella roma spqr a whirl as well. corkage is extremely low....like $4 or something.

          1. f
            fdb RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 25, 2008 05:31 PM

            La Botte would be the best among your choices. For first time, I would recommend their tasting menu which runs between $65 to $85. Fabulous food. Excellent Service.

            1. f
              Francesca RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 26, 2008 10:12 AM

              Your list is excellent, but I would suggest (for something a little different) Il Carpaccio in Pacific Palisades for an amazing Italian experience. It's not that far, the staff/chef-owner are friendly, everything is delicious, fresh and piping hot if
              it's a hot dish. This place is a gem.

              You can find them on Open Table or at www.ilcarpaccioristoranate.com. I believe the chef-owner was the chef at La Botte until late last year. I say try all the places on your list!

              Bon app.

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              1. re: Francesca
                goodhealthgourmet RE: Francesca Jan 26, 2008 10:24 AM

                sadly, i doubt i'll have time to try them all...i'm moving back to ny in march.

                have reservations at la botte for next saturday, i'll report back after the meal.

                thanks for all the feedback!

                1. re: Francesca
                  bairdwallace RE: Francesca Jan 30, 2008 09:46 AM

                  You spelled the name wrong in the link. Its:

                2. d
                  Diana RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 26, 2008 01:30 PM

                  None. Go to Caffe Anglei

                  1. ipsedixit RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 26, 2008 07:53 PM

                    All' Angelo.

                    1. m
                      maudies5 RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 26, 2008 08:55 PM

                      I love Toscana. All dishes are beautifully prepared. No attitude among staff. Expensive? Yes! I don't feel ripped off. Quality ingredients. In Brentwood, for me, it is a great neighborhood restaurant; as close as it comes to a local trattoria in Italy. Perhaps, the restaurant reviewers will not swoon. Toscana is often ignored. Yet, they are always busy and provide consistently wonderful food. Also, a great place for lunch. Dining solo, sit at the counter. You will love the ambiance, food and experience.

                      1. b
                        bruinike RE: goodhealthgourmet Jan 26, 2008 10:03 PM

                        I've been to all those on your list except Melograno. I would suggest trying LA BOTTE and VINCENTI next. Had outstanding meals at both. I'd also consider OSTERIA MOZZA and AMARONE KITCHEN AND WINE. Mozza being my fave of all of them. Happy eating!

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                        1. re: bruinike
                          goodhealthgourmet RE: bruinike Jan 26, 2008 10:50 PM

                          that's the plan...trying la botte next week, and probably vincenti after that.

                          i'd love to go to mozza, but it would be torture for me. i'm gluten-intolerant and that's just too much of a tease with batali's pastas on the menu...and the pizzeria next door.

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