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Aug 23, 2001 06:25 PM

Southernmost Hinterlander's Chow Get Together

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Please nominate (or cast your vote for/against) chowcentric restaurants south of LAX that can accomodate 10-ish.

Some ideas:
Renu Nakorn, Norwalk
Little India, Artesia
Sea Empress, Gardena
Sam Oh Jung, Gardena
Sanuki No Sato, Gardena
New Korea Garden, Gardena

I know I can count on LBQT, Richard Foss and Youndo for some great ideas.

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  1. Heather, thanks for the vote of confidence : ) I would be interested in a hinterland get together as well. I was pondering the one at 888, but the wife reminded me of the potential rush hour drive from Orange County. Haven't tried any of your suggestions but would love to try them.

    Here's a couple of more suggestions, down in OC:

    Peking (been written up here frequently) for Northern Chinese

    S.W. Seafood, Irvine - Cantonese style seafood with all the tanks of stuff, etc.

    The location of S.W. is quite interesting as well (Walnut and Jeffrey Roads); there are about 6 or so other very good Chinese restaurants all in one mini-mall. Several Taiwanese ones, Shanghainese, Chinese spicy hotpot, a Chinese bakery, a place for Taiwanese shaved ice, a boba tea place, and S.W. Seafood. A chowhound oasis in an otherwise bland suburban backdrop!

    Be interested to see what others have to suggest...


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    1. re: Youndo

      definitely one of my favorite plazas when I
      see my parents in OC. Try the one next door
      to the spicy hotpot place (on the right).
      Its delightfully light fare with the yams
      and porridge.

      1. re: Steph P

        Steph P: Yes, the porridge place is alot of fun! They have all those things you can choose from to go with the porridge; bamboo shoots, different types of seafood, tofu, etc., definitely comfort food on cold days, and healthy comfort food to boot.

        Do you know where this type of place originates? Taiwan perhaps? It is the only one of it's kind I know of but that might not be saying much!


        1. re: Youndo

          I think there's another one in Rowland Heights
          off the Fullerton exit on the south side in the
          Plaza right next to the freeway. Or there is
          one in San Gabriel close to the intersection of
          Valley and San Gabriel. I don't know the English
          name, but if you decide to go, give me a few days
          notice by email and I'll take you there.

    2. If anybody knows Little Saigon really well, please throw your hat into the ring.

      Renu Nakorn: I've never been, but have the impression that it was handed down to the present owners from the Lotus of Siam folks. I would like to try this one because I think I missed something having only one dining companion at LoS.

      Little India: Really need someone who knows this area better than I do to chime in.

      Sea Empress: Dim Sum for lunch and seafood for dinner. I've never been for dinner.

      Sam Oh Jung: Korean BBQ. They provide platters of slived meats, including tongue and tripe for you gross-out types. A favorite of my Japanese coworkers who are closet chowhounds.

      Sanuki No Sato: Udon noodles. A favorite with Japanese celebrities, judging by the collection of photos in the foyer.

      New Korea Garden: Rice hotpot things that make the rice crunchy at the bottom are especially good. I've been for lunch, not sure if they do family style for dinner.

      All our suggestions are Asian so far!

      1. South of LAX isn't exactly my criteria for Souhernmost, but I can think of a heap of places that deserve our custom...Here are the three that immediately ocur to me.

        1. Woodlands or Udipi Palace on Pioneer Boulevard.. Not really close to lAX but it is out the 91, a fast moving freeway. If not, perhaps Chicken Madras, which looks like nothing but can whip out a mighty impressive Indian meal on a few days notice. The owner is from Goa and can do a Goanese meal by arrangement As there are currently no Goan restaurants in LA, this would be a unique experience.
        Chicken Madras is right near the 405 Freeway on Rosecrans.

        2. Beluga has been mentioned a number of times, and is a mighty nice place. By arangement they can do a seafood tasting menu that is sumptuous, and the prices aren't bad for the quality of food.

        3. Ragin Cajun, Hermosa. Real Loosiana hospitality and darn good food.

        Any of those sound interesting?


        1. I'd been hoping for more interest, but maybe some folks are being shy.

          I am open to any of the suggestions so far, I live in Long Beach, so they're all convenient to me.

          I have to admit that I couldn't afford the previous gathering, I am poor. I was thinking of going somewhere family style and I don't think we've generated enough interest to justify a special menu anyway.

          Please email me at if you're interested or have input on when/where you would like this to happen.

          Thanks Youndo and Richard Foss for your input so far, still hoping to hear from LBQT who inspired all this.

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          1. re: Heather

            How about some suggestions, and I'll try to organize a date and time. Some of the local chowhounds have preferences for Indian restaurants up on Pioneer, which would be a good choice, menu and location-wise. There have also been a myriad of places recommended in Little Saigon, which is further south in Wesminster (behind the Orange curtain). Otherwise, there are places like Alegria for tapas on Pine Avenue (lots of little tastes that make for lots of sharing), or the Russian café someone recommended on 4th street for something different (I'll have to search for the name).


            1. re: LBQT

              LBQT, I would prefer venturing into Little India or Saigon. Since I live a couple blocks from the two LB joints you mentioned, it just wouldn't seem that adventurous.

              1. re: Heather

                Point taken. I don't have any experience with Little Saigon, and now that Rajdoot is gone, I need some guidance for good Indian up there. What say the rest of the hounds?