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Jamon Ibérico (Iberian Ham) in the city?

A recent NYT article (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/05/din...) said that Jamon Ibérico (Iberian Ham) would be imported to the US for the first time sometime soon. Anyone know of any restaurants that are (or will be) serving up this delicacy?

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  1. I would think Boqueria.

    1. This link will provide info for where to look for Jamon Iberico in NYC:


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        thanks! seems a little out of date though (considering they only had the one leg). anyone have current information?

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          Dean and Deluca has more than one leg ( they had a few when I was there). I guess the best thing is to call and check. I think the stores and restaurants are all waiting for the customs to clear (which might have already happened)

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            D&D still had it when I went a few weeks ago, BTW.

            I've also seen it advertised as a special outside Bar Carrera in the East Village.

      2. agata and valentina on 79th and 1st ave

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          Formaggio Essex at the Essex market also has it

        2. I would take a guess that D'Espana would probably carry it.

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              they do and its fantastic, but ~$100-120/lb for hand cut

            2. SInce I sounded like you're looking for a restaurant and not a store, I think Bar Boulud has it as one of its charcuterie plates.

                1. I thought someone at my table ordered it when I was at Lever House earlier this year. It was a special on the menu. I hadn't realized at the time it was a new import. The serving seemed incredibly generous for an appetizer.

                  1. Murray's Cheese on Bleecker has it for $59.99/lb. I've never had, so I have to ask- could it really be worth that much more than, say a $21/lb Prosciutto di Parma??


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                      Hi FuDee,

                      There was a thread in Toronto where people discussed whether Jamon Iberico is worth the extra price. The conclusion is definintely yes:


                      Also, even among jamon iberico there are different grades. The bellota, which is the king of the ham as the black pigs only eat acorns and allow to graze over open range which contributed to their nuttier taste and better marbling. I am pretty sure the ones at Murray's isn't bellota, as they are sold at Despana at around $120-$150(?)/lb.

                      Then the 2nd grade is Recebo grade Iberico ham with iberico pigs feast on both acorn and cereal feeds. The 3rd grade, Cebo grade Iberico ham, have just cereal feed diet.

                      If the iberico ham doesn't have a specific grade, then it is possible that the iberico pigs are cross-bred with white pigs, raised on farms and fed cereal feeds, without a period of free range grazing. This is the least preferable iberico ham

                      Then below iberico ham will be serrano ham from white pigs.

                      So it is worth to ask what kind of iberico ham that you are purchasing, as it will make a big difference in taste, texture, and of course, price.

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                        That Kobe- excellent information. I think I may have to suck it up and head over to Despana for the good stuff. Will let you know my thoughts..


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                          Oh by the way, I know Dean and Deluca also carries bellota but I will not recommend buying there as the people weren't trained to cut the ham properly. Unless you buy the boneless version then they will slice it with the machine and that's fine.

                          Of course I always prefer bone in.