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Jan 24, 2008 08:09 PM

Mint needed for a party

Having an afternoon party on Tuesday this next week

Making this cocktail, or that is I was planing to do so, but can not find mint in the Fort Myers area anywhere

Been to three large grocery stores and no luck
Any ideas

Or maybe come up with another drink

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  1. look for a latino market.. they usually have fresh mint.

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    1. re: karmalaw

      Asian markets, particularly those with a Thai bent, could be good as well.

    2. Save yourself the trouble-make caipirinhas, the Brazilian drink instead. Muddle lime with sugar, pour in cachaca, mix with ice in a shaker, pour into a glass. Pitu, the popular Brazilian brand, should be readily available, although other 'premium' cachacas are usually available at any decent liquor store. Limes are easy to find and cheap. And your guests won't be picking mint out of their teeth all evening. Happy Drinking!

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      1. re: Miami Danny

        If you want to lighten up the alcohol, pour the drink into a tall glass and spritz with soda or sprite. This may be better in the afternoon if people are driving.

      2. Do you have a Whole Foods, Wild Oats or Fresh Market near you? (I am in Naples) Or go to a farmers market this weekend - mine have a lot of latinos that sell fresh mint. Try Sweetbay or Flamingo Island in bonita springs if that is not too far to drive.