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Jan 24, 2008 07:35 PM

Inexpensive but nice pre-theatre spots in London

We'll be in London from Feb 14-22nd and hope to see a few shows, so we don't want to spend too many hours or pounds sterling on dinners. We're staying on Tavistock Square in Bloomsbury but will be spending a lot of time in the theatre district. Any suggestions for some cheap and cheerful dinner venues?

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  1. There's always Chinatown... right there near the theatres. Also fairly cheap is Belgo on Endell St. They have a pre-theatre special price... noisy but the food is adequate, especially if you like mussels or roast chicken. You need to be there very early - about 6 or so.

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      Busaba Eatthai on Wardour st for shaftsbury avenue is really good - but you have to queue so maybe allow extra time.
      In Chinatown - Haozhan is lovely and modern.
      For Covent Garden I often will go to Food for thought for a quick, wholesome and filling vegie feed (£7 is the most you would spend per person) but they have a shared table policy which i quite like. Big advantage is that you pay upfront so if running late you can just leave! Canela is quite nice but also more a cafe than a proper restaurant. They are both cheap and yummy.

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        Thanks. I'll check out Canela and Food for Thought. I can't argue with 7 pounds!

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        Thanks. We both love roast chicken so we'll check out Belgo for sure.

      3. A second vote for Haozhan in Chinatown (Gerrard St) - really nice food.

        A lot of restaurants have special pre-theatre menus where you can eat really well for a lot less than the normal prices. I'd recommend Wild Honey in Mayfair, which just got a Michelin star.

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          Thanks. I'll check out Wild Honey as my husband isn't crazy about Chinese.