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Aug 23, 2001 02:27 AM

BBQ Chowdown

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Since nobody really seemed to take the lead I'll take a shot. How about this:

Bring a slab of baby backs or beef brisket from your favorite BBQ place for the whole gang to try.

How about meeting in Long Beach and making a picnic out of it.

Say Sat Sept 8th?

I'm open to any other suggestions. But let's do this soon.

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  1. Yo. A few of us are currently working on a meeting time and place.

    I was thinking we'd do it in a more central location, so more Chowhounders could come. Also, as per the suggestion from the more meeting-experienced SF Chowhounds, in the middle of the week.

    We currently have a place in Hollywood with certain limitations. If anybody else has a place that they'd like to offer for the BBQ taste-test gathering, relatively central - maybe anywhere between Westwood and Downtown - please e-mail me, being sure to remove the SPAMBLOCK.

    If worst comes to worst, we can use my place, which is central, but terribly small. Grad student digs.


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    1. re: Thi N.
      Rachael Martin

      I an new to both SoCal and the chowhouds board, but love BBQ. When is this gathering taking place? I have a house in Echo Park with a not tiny back yard, front porch to sip tea and a reasonably sized kitchen.

    2. You guys are cruel. First all this talk about face and brain tacos and now ribs and slabs. What's us poor vegetarians supposed to do? We're chowhounds to, ya know!

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      1. re: lonesomehobo

        I love meat, but decided to give it up over a year ago. While I am confident that amongst advanced societies the vegetarians will eventually gain the upper hand, I do not deny myself the bittersweet pleasure of reading about sushi, barbecued ribs, steak and Zankou chicken. The taste memories are still brightly buzzing in my grainfed brain, and a bit of vicarious carnivory makes me a happier fellow. If I am not yet so far from my meateating days that I cannot thrill to the sight of a Rueben sandwich, I still find the practices of hunting and fishing unutterably barbaric. A woman on the tram was talking about letting a hunter onto her property up north to hunt redtailed hawks. Though rationally there are no grounds for censuring the killing of one animal rather than another for pleasure, I experienced a shock at the idea of hunting so handsome and dignified a hunter. But finally which is worse, setting out with a rifle to murder a wild thing or investing millions in an enterprise involving holding pens, artificial insemination, antibiotic-laced feed, slaughterhouses and more to murder countless neverwild things to sell their flesh those who can't afford freerange?