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Jan 24, 2008 07:33 PM

The AMAZING floral Tea at Laduree

We enjoyed smelling, seeing , & eating our way through Paris this past Summer, & I'm an even greater Francophile be that possible. I know the scrumtious salt-caramel macaron of Laduree isn't shipped to the U.S., but I'm hoping their amazing floral tea is?!! First, I am wondering which tea we enjoyed that had the essence of both violet & rose petals? Looking at their now dog-earred paper menu I know it was either the tea they call "Jardin Bleau", Laduree Melange", or "Marie Antoinette". Can anyone identify which of these teas it is? Does Laduree blend their own teas or do they get it from another source such as Mariage Frer? If so, I hear that Mariage Frer is imported to the U.S by various sources.
That said, is there a tea from them that is the same or equivalent to this lovely violet & rose blend? I already sent an e-mail to Laduree & got an aknowledgement but no real answers. Thanks respondants!! --JET in Los Angeles

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