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Jan 24, 2008 07:09 PM

Hip place for college-aged daughter

I just posted a report on my visit to SF last weekend. My partner will be back in the City with his college-aged daughter (19 years old) and wanted to take her out to dinner at a cool, hip place -- since she's a design student having a cool decor and architecture would be of interest.

Based on the list and from what I remember, I was thinking about Isa, Zuni, Bistro Aix, Range. I remember that Absinthe used to be a very in place but not sure if that's still the case. Unfortunately it will be this Sunday so will need a place that won't be too difficult to get reservations or walk-in table. Would be interested in getting feedback on these or other places.

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  1. Your list is all very nice places, but probably too old for her (and I've always loved bistros).

    Places I'd take a 19 year old for dinner: Little Star Pizza (either location); Weird Fish; Farmer Brown; Lolo; Canteen. These are all considerably funkier than what you have listed above. Zuni is a cool place to sit, but the food's not all that interesting.

    Maybe Tartine in the afternoon for the scene and pastries. The newly opened Blue Bottle Cafe; or to stand in line in the alley at Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley; Miette Confisserie, or one of the candy stores that's opened this year.

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      Bar Tartine often plays to a young crowd and the food is fantastic.
      It would be my suggestion.

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        Farmer Brown is a good idea (as is Canteen, but it might be a challenge to get reservations for dinner this Sunday). I'd also think about A16 or Nopa. Maybe Aziza, but it might not be quite young enough. I agree with Windy that the places that you list are probably too old for her. A number of these places are on Open Table, so you can check there to see if you can get reservations for that night (a quick look shows some openings for Farmer Brown, Aziza, and A16, and you might be able to get different times if you call the restaurants directly).

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          Canteen doesn't do dinner on Sundays.

      2. I've not been to Range, but love the other 3 places on the list. However, I don't think of any of them as cool or hip. Of course, I am so old, I probably wouldn't know what is cool or hip! Is Nopa too difficult to get into? That seems cooler to me...

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          Range is the hippest of the original list. But it's more fun in the bar, which doesn't help if you're underage.

        2. As a 21 year old, I second Oakland Barb and say that Bar Tartine is super hip. It's new, interesting looking, and in the Mission, which is a pretty hip neighborhood.

          1. From a decor or architectural standpoint, Waterbar might be of interest. Reports by some are that the decorative aquarium columns are stunning.

            399 The Embarcadero
            San Francisco, California 94105

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            1. re: Xiao Yang

              I have also heard that the decor at the brother restaurant to Waterbar, Epic Roasthouse ( ) is also superb. Other places with very interesting design/decor include Myth, Coi, and Boulevard, though Boulevard is the only one of the three that is open Sunday evenings.

              1. re: Paul H

                Waterbar and EPIC Roasthouse won't even be open to the public until January 29th. I would suggest that the OP consider other restaurants than those two.

                1. re: grishnackh

                  Ooops, missed that "this Sunday" qualification in the OP's request.