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Jan 24, 2008 07:02 PM


Or relatively close to it? Have tickets for color purple on March 1 and would like to keep with the theme. Also, I am going with a friend who really doesn't care for "fancy" food. Anything close to soul food or homestyle would be great.

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  1. How about Roscoe's in Hollywood? If that is too far, they do have other locations. If you let us know where you are coming from, maybe some other hounders can suggest places in between.

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      Wood Spoon I think would be a good fit to what you are looking for though it is Brazilian..

      Wood Spoon
      107 W Ninth St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

      1. re: LaLa Eat

        mmm... the chicken pot pie with hearts of palm is awesome there.

      2. re: justagthing

        is that Roscoe's chicken and waffles? that sounds good. I will have check the map. We are coming from the valley, she lives in Simi actually. So the 118 to downtown. We are staying at the Bonaventure so we will leave early afternoon to check in. Angelena's on Sepulveda is gone, right?

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          Roscoe's is as close to soul food as it comes. The location on Gower at Hollywood Blvd is right off the 101 Fwy. Coming from the valley, this location would be closest, although its very small. Or they have a location on Pico just west of LaBrea which is larger. Call first to see if they will take reservations as they tend to be crowded at certian times of the day.

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            Harold & Belles is very good... I recommed it! They have a larger selection of everything and the food is good. Cajun, creole, soul food, seafood you name it and the portions are hugh. You will get your money's worth at this place and will be very satisified. They're located on Jefferson Blvd.

        2. Larkin's in Eagle Rock is billed as soul food, though I haven't been. It's on the list for 2008.

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            Been to Larkin's and it is pretty good; however, the soul food there is modernized a bit and, as J Gold reported in LA Weekly a whiles back, some people who were craving classic, homestyle versions took issue with that.

            But that atmosphere is very casual and comfortable, so the OP and friend wouldn't feel uneasy being at too fancy a place.


          2. Maybe Harold and Belle's? Not too too far from Downtown.

            1. There's the Spring Street Smokehouse in Chinatown.

              1. creole chef near baldwin hills mall IIRC

                that was where I went while attending USC