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Aug 22, 2001 06:30 PM

Wine Brats

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Has anyone heard anything about this?


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  1. I found Wine Brats about a year ago. I went to two events they had. A dinner at some place in the Newport Beach area and a wine tasting. The dinner was at a restaurant that I got so sick after eating there I threw up. The wine tasting was OK but the people there weren't the most knowledgeable about wine and I found it a waste of time. To each his own but Wine Brats just isn't for me.

    1. I know a WineBrat and I was invited to the Chefs thang but had another engagement. The WineBrat I know told me the organization was trying to promote wine consumption amongst the Gen-X'rs. Its true -- she's about 25 and knows nothing about wine. But I'll give her some time time... We've all got to start somewhere.

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        Well, I went.
        It was a gathering of the 2001 version of yuppies gulping down BV, Gallo, Kendall Jackson and some Australian and South American wines. It was kinda fun to watch everyone (young and beautiful or at least trying hard) get toasted.
        There were nibbles from the chef at Water Grill, Mako Tanaka (Mako), Raphael Lunetta (Jiraffe), and guys from Pace and Reign. The chefs demonstrated how to prepare their dishes onstage, but it was difficult to hear what the hell they were saying over the swelling din of tipsy moneyed young lawyers and stockbrokers. The nibbles were fairly delicious, especially Mako Tanaka's duck spring rolls, but tiny, so we ducked out and stopped by Astroburger on the way home to fill our bellies in a greasy, yet more satisfying way.
        The organization is out to promote wine to Gen-X'ers, or to"educate" them. The guys who started Wine Brats all come from wineries in Northern California, though, so it seems like a marketing thing. I'm kinda flirting with sobriety at this point in my life, and this event only served to push me further in that direction.

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          Thank you for your deadly accuaracy .