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Need BYO airplane meal/snack ideas

I have found this thread:


And have read a few related topics; however, I need additional ideas for snacks or small meals that I can bring in my carry on. I am going on two 4 hour flights with a little more than an hour layover at DFW. My fear is that the the flight to DFW might be delayed and I will not have time to get some food at the terminal. I eat everything and want to pack something for DH and myself. I appreciate all suggestions.

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  1. Biggie at Lunch in a Box had a great post a while back -


    1. First and foremost, please think of those around you and do not bring on items that smell. They may smell great to you as you munch, but those around you will not find them as appealing. So, leave the garlic, onions, feta, salami etc at home.

      Granola [bars or just cereal], oatmeal cookies, grapes, carrot sticks, chunks of mild cheese, dried fruit, banana chips, clementines, trail mix, nuts [not peanuts, in case someone on board has allergies], a sandwich is ok too. Skip mayo and use mustard, in case of lengthy times where mayo could go bad.

      Hope this helps..

      1. Cereal. Ask for milk on the plane.

        Instant oatmeal. Get the hotwater on the plane.

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          Good ideas.

          Couscous also cooks well with hot water, just bring either seasoning packs or a small (non pungent) sauce.

          Bagel w/ a little disposable tupperware of jam and/or peanut butter.

          I love cold leftover steamed or roasted salted veggies.

          Bran or other flavored muffins (if fiber is no good on a flight for you...)

          Crackers, like Ak-Mak or Ryvita

          Beans and Rice

          Jar of Nutella w/ a pack of shortbread cookies :-)

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            I live in Norway and used to study in Canada, and my mom would always make a "carryon" meal for me (as the food on the plane is soooo awful!). My favorite was pita bread with fried egg, bacon and avocado - the avocado keeps it moist, and the bacon is so flavorful even after 5-6 hours). Simple, but delicious!

            Carrot sticks and peanut butter is good too, but when I flew KLM over once, I got yelled at for the peanut butter, as there was someone with a severe peanut allergy a few rows behind me...

            Hahaha, oh and a homemade brownie for dessert :)

            Remember if bringing anything liquid, it has to be <100 ml...

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              I'd yell at you if you sat next to me with a fried egg sandwich :)
              The smell of cooked egg makes me retch, it's literally one of the only things I won't eat.
              I think another posters comment about being considerate of strong smells is right on, please remember you are sitting inches away from other people who may not want to smell what you are eating.

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                I would strongly discourage anything with eggs, especially fried.

                I once sat behind a person who unwrapped a McD's Egg McMuffin at 30,000 feet ... and it was one of the most unpleasant experiences, ever.

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                  Haha, ok, replace the egg with chicken perhaps? Weird how different people have such different tastes, I never found eggs to have that strong a smell - and they're so delicious! But different strokes for different folks I guess - I'd hate it if I got stuck next to someone eating mashed bananas. Bleurgh!

          2. Decades agao, when I was but a lad, there was Laker Airways that flew to London. It was a totally no frill airline. There were no assigned seats, you could buy a sandwich or a drink on board. and it was VERY cheap. I was lucky, there was a great deli called Pastrami King on the way to the airport, so I got to carry on a pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard and a half sour pickle. Ahhhhhhh! Now I'm hungry.

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              I love to eat take apples, navel oranges and sesame sticks on planes. Apples are great for on the plane, and they aren't as soft or easy to mush up as a banana. I save the oranges for layovers, when there is a trash can near by, and I i have time to quickly wash my hands. Sesame sticks are good anytime, anywhere :)

            2. As a very frequent flier I always have some good quality trail mix and chocolate in my carry-on, and when I know I'll be tight for connections around mealtime I bring a non-smelly, non-soggy sandwich like roast beef, turkey and/or cheese (not a stinky one, of course - but any cheese tastes better at room temperature, which it will be after a few hours in my bag).

              1. My carry-on lunch/snack for flight about this length of time or shorter is usually an apple and some almonds. If I think I might need something extra I take a bag of peanut M&M's.

                1. I am a white knuckle flyer, so i sometimes use these trips as an excuse to snack on things i won't often allow myself to comfort me. Like sour cream and onion pringles....That being said.....

                  I agree with the smelly no no's....i recently took a lengthy train trip and sat behind someone who was eating incredibly smelly garlicky sausage. It was not pleasant. The flipside to this is that i once took a flight back from my hometown with an evil individual who brought wonderful smelling local fish and chips onto the plane and I thought i would perish with envy !!! hehe.

                  On the same train trip above, i got on board with a wonderful sushi selection from that city. Admittedly not the same as a flight and i was eating it within the hour, however most of the items were vegetarian...which could be an option for your flight? As well, as long as the dressing is <100mls.....an option could be a good salad, with filling addins such as garbanzos , cheese, nuts.....etc. Hummus in a wrap or with carrot sticks would also hold up well.

                  1. we take nova and cc bagels on flights. great for breakfast on an overnight flight and they hold up just fine.

                    1. Sliced fruit-melons, mango, strawberries and grapes, my favorite combo
                      Veggies w/a dip*
                      Sandwiches-with no condiments* or tomatoes
                      Reese's Cups-minis
                      Granola/Cereal bars
                      Takeout cutlery

                      I travel out of the country (USA) and have never had any problems with these items.

                      *(I travel w/my husband and one of our carry-on quart baggies has dips and condiments instead of shampoo and toothpaste)