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Jan 24, 2008 06:55 PM

Foodie gift for a new husband?

I need some suggestions for an anniversary gift for my new hubby - we didn't have much of a holiday because we got married in the middle of the holiday hubub. I was thinking Valentine's Day would be a good time to give a great gift.

My only idea so far has been a leg of proscuitto from Salumi. He has talked about that for a while. But, I am not sure we need a whole leg in the house.

Any other ideas?

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  1. get some Valrhona and turn it into chocolate body paint??!!

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    1. re: purple goddess

      LOL Please feel free to become friends with my wife and don't hold back on any suggestions.....;)

      1. re: YumTum

        Mmm, chocolate paint :)

        $100 - $150. I am the cook in the family, he is the eater. If that helps. I usually just cook up a fancy meal, but I would like a gift to give this time.

      2. You are the cook seeking a romantic gift/gesture for the new hubby. I would suggest purchasing a breakfast in bed tray *and* along with it create coupons for the hubby to use (one a month for a year=12, one a week=52..up to you) and you can promise him a catered gourmet breakfast, juice, coffee and newspaper--but he has to use the coupon :).

        Its romantic, thoughful, food related and within your abilities (since you are the cook).

        1. proscuitto tasting menu?

          as much as i love the purity of straight up slices, a tasting menu designed by you might be a nice gesture that shows some thought and care. it might also open his eyes up even more to the possibilities of it's use.

          of course save some on the side and then purchase a few gourmet/interesting sandwich fixings and then he can just make a delicious sandwich on his own when he feels like it. perhaps get a couple great cheese matches as well? or some really lovely preserves. i have a fig balsamic preserve that would be fantastic with proscuitto.

          1. The beginnings of a set up for a good and elegant bar or drinks tray. A nice ice bucket, book on classic cocktails, a decanter, cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger for measuring, a few cordials, etc.