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Jan 24, 2008 06:39 PM

Lucky 3 Dim Sum Buffet

Management has changed and now it is owned by an Indian couple. The staff and food are about the same, but now, the price has been increased to $13/person for dim sum buffet lunch, and kids over 3 are 1/2 price. Kids under 10 used to be free.

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  1. I already reported this a couple months ago - nice people, and the buffet improved a little bit.

    But what kinda confused me was the institution of an evening buffet which they're no longer doing, even though the neon sign is still advertising it. I went a time or two hoping to find it, and found the place largely deserted in the evening. They gotta be making their money on the banquets and the special entertainment events.

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      I never knew they had an evening buffet. How much was it?

      I think they lost a few customers when they increased the dim sum price. Also, the wait staff is generally rude and inefficient.

      1. re: Chownut

        I was there for lunch on Monday and found our server to be incredibly rude as well! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

        1. re: Chownut

          I never found the service rude at all.

          Quite the contrary, they greet me with a smile, I get shown to "my usual seat" (I guess it's hard to forget where a really big old guy with a walker likes to sit).

          Last week my server said, unprompted, "Where you been? You not been here for three weeks." And, by the way, she was right, and I was touched that someone had kept a mental note of my attendance.

      2. Maybe this can be an opportunity for some Indian-Chinese cuisine?