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Jan 24, 2008 06:37 PM

Chef Zong has left Zong's Shanghai

I've been looking forward to getting here, havn't had a chance to make it yet, the list of restaurant that I want to get to(its in my head, but i really should write this list down) is probably at least 30-40 places in Nassau and Western Suffolk. Went to their website tonight, and this is what i see. Does anyone know what this means? All they did was publicize that fact that they had this chef, and now they don't. I would have thought he was an owner or something since they named the place after him.


The chef Mr. Zong Xing Tu

left this restaurant on January 08 2008.

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  1. went up on their website and didn't see the notice. Just called and spoke to Tsai, one of the managers. He said chef Zong has a few restaurants and comes and goes to each one. FWIW I had lunch there this week and found the food to be as good as usual. Soup Buns had the same taste and texture. As is the case in many Chinese restaurants, chefs come and go. Who ever was cooking did fine.
    Never thought, aha Zong left the

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      Its right there on their home page, near the top right of the page. You cannot miss it i swear. I tried to copy and paste it, but when i did it went into small little letters above instead of the big letters like on their website.

      Its good to know it still tastes good.

      1. re: jpf1980

        No sweat. The manager confirmed Mr. Zong is not at the helm right now.
        On a side note, they finally have braised pork shoulder on the menu and does not have to be ordered in advance. It was just as good as Joe's.