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Jan 24, 2008 06:32 PM

Looking for Hotel or Inn with Great Wine Tasting & Spa

I am looking for a wonderful hotel or Inn where we can have a wonderful dinner paired with lucious wine and perhaps get a Spa Treatment. Wine Tastings and Wine Ed in the NE!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My wife and I have visited the White Barn Inn in Kenneybunkport, ME for many years. In my opinion, the White Barn Inn offers the most romantic, wonderful dining experience certainly in NE, but I would say anywhere. The food, the wine, the ambiance, and the rustic decor all make it a super experience. They recently added a spa too which was very enjoyable. I believe the website is

      1. The Mayflower Inn in Washington, CT.... is a Relais & Chateau property with a spa and beautiful grounds

        1. Check out the Stonehedge Inn & Spa in Tyngsboro, MA. Gorgeous rooms, an extensive wine cellar w/wine dinners & wine tastings. Spa looks very pretty.

          I don't think anything in New England can compare to the Mayflower but it is also crazy-expensive.

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            Thank You Everyone, I spend hours trying to find Stonehedge Inn and Spa, this is exactly what I was looking for.
            Many Thanks,

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              I'll second Stonehedge Inn & Spa in Tyngsboro, MA., they have very nice suites and an awesome wine list (70K bottles). White Barn would also be nice, but I think you'll get pampered at Stonehedge.

          2. Winter Wine Festival at Wentworth, In Newcastle NH


            Wentworth - great spa, great hotel, great wine.

            Mondavi event on 1/30 is looking like a great evening.