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Jan 24, 2008 06:25 PM

Pat Riley gone from Perigee?

I notice that Pat Riley's name no longer appears anywhere on Perigee's website (though he's still there in one of the pictures), The website still lists him as executive chef though. Does anyone know if and where he's gone?

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  1. Apparently he's gone to The Garden @ Eleven (at the foot of Jarvin...was Eleven for a short while under a different chef). Haven't heard the circumstances of the change but hopefully Perigee stays at the same level even without him.

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      Gina Mallet gave Perigee a stellar review this past weekend in the Post, and someone else who went on Saturday left a very positive comment over on Taste T.O.

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        The extraordinary thing is that, as I understand it, Perigee was very much Riley's baby - the open kitchen, the omakase-style kitchen etc. The place exploded onto the TO dining scene when it opened in 2003, with spectacular reviews, all filled with praise for Riley and his work.

        Now it's 2008 and the Perigee website makes no mention of Riley at all, giving a pretty much fictional account of the of the restaurant's origin, which is even contradicted by the reviews reprinted on the same site. It's as if Pat Riley has been expunged from history. What happened?

      2. I'm so, so sad. Perigee isn't a place I can afford to go often, but somehow just knowing it was there for when I get the chance was such a comfort to me. I loved Riley's cooking and the style of the place. Hard to think it will be the same without him, but on the other hand his cooking may not have the same effect in a more "standard" restaurant. I'll have to think long and hard about whether to go back to Perigee without him...

        1. I just got an email from Eleven restaurant today and they annouced that Pat Riley has moved there.