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Aug 22, 2001 03:59 PM

Wedding Rehearsal dinner / Long Beach

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The wedding is planned for the Queen Mary. Now looking for place for rehearsal dinner. Maybe 20 people. Moderate price, but as nice as possible, of course.

As we are from out of town, we really could use some good suggestions, please.

Thank You!

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  1. There is a wonderfully charming place called Lasher's that I once enjoyed. It's in an old house. A family run place that I am sure would be happy to help with a special occasion like yours.

    3441 E. Broadway, Long Beach

    This is the blurb from the LA Times:

    "Family-style is the most accurate description of this restaurant. Lasher's is family owned and operated, with home-cooking and a homey atmosphere. The Lasher family decided that what Long Beach needed was an upscale American-style restaurant that served food like Mom used to make, and so opened a restaurant in a restored California bungalow. Every room in the house is a dining area. The front parlor, with its cozy fireplace, is delightful -- but dining in the library, back bedroom or on the flower-filled patio is also a nice experience. Try the cranberry-sauce-encrusted meatloaf with silky mashed potatoes. Street parking and adjacent lot parking available." -- Collette Anderson

    1. For close proximity to the Queen Mary, I would recommend Mamma Tina's Cucina (329 Pacific Ave., 562-432-9718) downtown. Very dependable, reasonable, friendly, and fairly elegant/romantic Italian place that has an open floorplan so it can easily accommodate your wedding party. Call and ask them how to access their parking garage (it's hard to find unless you know where to turn). I chose this place for my "going away" lunch at my last job and everyone enjoyed it. Here's a write-up I found on

      "Mamma Tina’s Cucina is a charming Italian restaurant with a lot to offer its diners, from simple pasta, special pasta (try the penne all’arrabbiata –always a great dish) chicken, fish, veal, and authentic Italian pizzas. They use a thin crust (as they do in Northern Italy) and offer eleven toppings. Their calzones are great too, filled with cheese and other ingredients. The panini sandwiches are yummy as well. For dessert give the gelato,spumoni, or cannoli a try, if you have any room left after your pasta and pizza."

      good luck with the wedding!


      1. You've got two good suggestions already, but here are some others anyway.

        Parker's Lighthouse, in Shoreline Village. Good seafood, and they have a lovely patio.

        The Madison on Pine is gorgeous. Had a good Mother's Day brunch there, and they have a room upstairs for private parties. The menu seemed to have lots of regulars and old standards. Don't know much about their prices, though. They may be higher than the others.

        L'Opera has at least one private room downstairs. Good Italian, but not a mom'n'pop place - more formal.

        If you drive east on Ocean, which ultimately becomes 2nd Street, there's Shenandoah in Belmont Shore. American cooking with some surprises (like good foccacia bread for lunch), and they also have a separate dining area for a private party. Prices pretty reasonable, and they have parking in back.

        1. The Yard House is within shouting distance from the Queen Mary. It is located across the Harbor where the private boat launch is located, a.k.a. Shoreline Village. Prices are between $12-20 an entree with a great selection across the board (ie., salads, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, pasta) and there is a separate room that, perhaps, may be reserved for your party. For more info, check out the website (

          1. I would hightly recommend Gazzella's on Atlantic, a few blocks off Ocean --- it's close to the Queen Mary and extremely romantic and private as well as very reasonable in price with great food.