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Jan 24, 2008 06:06 PM

Caterer for Wedding

Wondering if anyone can suggest a great caterer for wedding reception. Nice, simple, elegant but not the usual chicken, beef and mashed potato!

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  1. Tons of 'em. Daniel et Daniel, Gibson & Lyle, Ginger Island, Allison Cummings, Jayne's Gourmet, Opulence, En Ville, Presidential Gourmet, 10tation, Encore food with Elegance, to start... Google them up, you'll find them easily.

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    1. re: The Goddess

      Thanks Goddess, I'll check them out!

      1. re: The Goddess

        Goddess, have you used Eatertainment and do you have any thoughts on them?

        1. re: torontofoodiegirl

          I'm about to use them on Friday (we've hired them - the party is on Friday). I will let you know how it goes! Or if you have any specific questions, you can ask..

          1. re: canadianbeaver

            Thanks canadian beaver. After much searching (and relatively few options open on our date) we decided to have our wedding at Panorama (with catering by Eatertainment, their in-house caterer). It's booked now (no going back!) so I almost don't want to know if your experience ends up being bad!! However, if you do have any problems with them please let me know so that we can try to nip it in the bud in advance of our event... Overall, our tasting went really well, so I'm optimistic.

            1. re: torontofoodiegirl

              So last night was the event (corporate). It was held at the Steam Whistle Brewery. Just to put it in perspective, Eatertainment did our food, all the alcohol, flowers, and linens. Our coordinator was Jennifer Draper. When I got there (I'm the planner so I have to get there early), everything was done already and was exactly how I had imagined. The food tasted and looked exactly like at our tasting - right down to the last detail. Everyone was raving about the food and the quickness in which it was served. The staff was beyond professional and everything they did exceded my expectations. Torontofoodiegirl, you have nothing to worry about, in my opinion.

              1. re: canadianbeaver

                Great to hear. Thanks so much for letting me know, canadianbeaver. Now I only have 999,999 wedding things to worry about instead of a million...

        2. re: The Goddess

          Definitely vote for Jayne's Gourmet!
          We hired Sumptuous for our wedding and the company dissolved 2 months before the date.
          Jayne stepped in and took charge, she did a fabulous job - very organized and the food was great!

          1. re: pinkbuddhacookie

            I too hired Sumptuous before the dessolution, and their chef went to By David's (part of Rose Reisman) and when we continued with By David's, we had no issues. Guests still tell me it was some of the best wedding food they had! We had fab hors d'oeuvres,stupidly good soup and salad, refreshingly different mains (we gave guests a choice), and a dessert buffet that was all house made and devoured! The service was great--8-10 waiters would surround a table and plate everyone at once instead of one or two heading off to different areas of the room. No problems with these guys and we got a tasting (paid for, but then taken off the bill--not sure if this was a leftover of our Sumptuous agreement, which thy honoured fully).

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          1. We have hired Herrera's on King Street for our wedding - we had our tasting (fab) and the owner has been pretty easy to work with. They will work with you to help design a menu to your liking.

            1. Trying to make a final decision on our wedding caterer. Down to Daniel et Daniel or 10tation. Anyone had any recent (or not so recent) experiences? Any input would be very much appreciated as we need to make a decision soon.

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              1. re: Phoenix

                Friend of mine used Daniel et Daniel - was at their wedding last week - was very good - food tasted and looked great! - can't comment on 10tation though

                1. re: tedwanzel

                  Thanks for the update...any clues on what you really liked from D & D?

                  1. re: tedwanzel

                    Thanks for the update...any clues as to what you really liked or was particularly yummy from D & D

                  2. re: Phoenix

                    I used 10tation for my wedding and it was fabulous. The food was exactly like the tasting. Everyone raved about it. Really nice and easy to work with. They made it very easy.

                  3. Kindred Spirits, Queen east at Greenwood. Did our wedding for 100 with wonderful passed appetizers and food stations....we did poached salmon and beef tenderloin with summer salads.

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                    1. re: kmacer

                      Hi. It sounds like you had the kind of wedding that I'm planning for. I am actually looking at Kindred Spirits as you mind giving me an idea in terms of price for 100 people? How was your experience with them? How did your guests find the food and style of reception (ie vs sit down dinner)? Did you have an evening or lunch reception? Your feedback would be great! Thank you : )

                      1. re: raydyan

                        Kindred Spirits catered my wedding about 4 years ago. We had a cocktail reception with passed appetizers and food stations. The food was great, we really wanted something different with some creativity and they did it within a small budget. What I really appreciated was how they broke down the quote with complete transparency. I knew how much an extension cord rental was.
                        But the food was awesome. There was lots of it, nothing was insipid, and they worked with us to make sure that the food stations all offered a vegetarian option as well as a meat option.
                        Our reception was casual with no arranged table seating and everyone appreciated the ability to eat, drink, talk and dance throughout the evening.