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Jan 24, 2008 05:22 PM

Best Curry Chicken

I am on a mission to find the "best" curry chicken restaurants in the GTA.

So far, believe it or not, the best one I have ever tasted is found at none other than a (lowly) fast food place: Noodle Delight. Especially the one at Victoria Park and Sheppard.

I've tried the same curry chicken at other Noodle Delight restaurants and it's hit and miss. The hygiene of the restaurants also depends on the owners.

Most other restaurants just smother curry sauce on top of the chicken. Awful!

My idea of a good curry chicken disk includes chicken with bones marinated in curry sauce, and potatoes -- without potatoes, it's not a curry dish.

Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Interesting concept of curry chicken. I would say without curry or without chicken it is not curry chicken. Without potatoes it is not curried potatoes :p

      I am guessing that you are partial to Caribbean curried chicken since that is where they usually put the bones in and add potatoes. Japanese add potatoes, but not the bones (and typically it is fast food type curry mix). Thai typically don't add potatoes (it is added in muslim style curries).

      1. What kind of curry are you looking for? Noodle Delight seems to be HK style curry.

        Do you like malaysian curry (not so spicy, but lots of coconut flavour)? I love the chicken curry from 'South Asian Restaurant' on midland and close to silver star blvd. The price is so cheap as well, I think it's 4.99 for lunch and maybe 5.99 for dinner. The curry is so tasty there. It comes with ONE piece of potato only though.

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          best malay/singaporean curry chicken i have had is from this food court stall near sheppard/brimley. name of the place is Gourmet garden. also they have fantastic laksa as well.

        2. Noodle Delight's curry chicken just happens to be my favourite dish from there and over the decades, I find it simply more enjoyable than so many others I have tasted elsewhere. Many of their other dishes are quite good, some not, probably up to personal tastes. It is a shame that they are down to 2 locations, once having about 5 or 6! Get their card which after 10 purchases gets you a free dish!

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            Now down to only one at Vicpark & Sheppard. ;(

            1. re: vuxes

              And unfortunately, the quality has gone down so much that I simply cannot recommend it anymore. Don't know what happened: lost the cook, everyone there tired of cooking same dishes for what feels like eons, no one ordering the dish??? I lost my one place I could look forward to for a nice hot chicken curry with the bones and potatoes. Haven't found anything that comes close. SAD :(

          2. WHen u really want to taste curry, taste it from the place it came from. Trinidadians.
            The best curry I have ever tasted was from Radica's Hot & Spicy in Brampton.
            905-487-0888. They always booked in that place. but wow. and they have better doubles than trinidad too.. really..

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              I truly like the regular, hot and very hot Curry Chicken dishes, of course from the Caribbean and India. About the only dish I never liked was from 2 different locations with the cuisine based on the Portugeuse influenced part of China as the dishes were so very bland! The request for the best, brought my suggestion of Noodle Delight came from the fact that the flavouring should appeal to almost all tastes, with the curry nicely infused into the dish, a nice hint of star anise and/or 5 spice powder, and for us heat seakers, add the chilies in oil to taste, 2 or 3 containers for my whole order!!