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Jan 24, 2008 05:20 PM

V-Day dinner for 8 suggestions?

West/east village, LES, SoHo, will consider Tribeca

Would like to try something new, informal, prefer French, Spanish or New American

Think more like Momofuku or Peasant, less like Babbo or Nobu

Ages of diners range from 30-40

Great wine list a bonus!

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  1. Alta, your group can get the entire menu for $350, called the "Whole Shebang". Then repeat your favorites. They have an extensive wine list. And they are informal.

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    1. re: steeltowngrl

      alta sounds interesting, but i've read a few reviews that have included bachelorette parties??

      although 8 is kind of a large group, we don't necessarily want to go to a "good for groups" place...

      1. re: jpmcd

        My suggestion would have been Alta as well. The food is great, good sangria, and the Whole Shebang would make for a fun experience.