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Aug 22, 2001 02:10 AM

Pollo a la Brasas - Day Off?

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This evening, I planned on trying Pollo a la Brasas for the first time. I drove by at approximately 6:45 only to find that it was closed. It looked like they may have taken the day off so I was wondering if anyone had been recently, and if there are any changes going on as Tuesday seems like a pretty unconventional weekly day off. Thanks in advance for any information, Angie

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  1. Drive by several times a week. Ate there Monday. Alive, well & splendid -- maybe a day off.

    1. This has come up before. They're closed on Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't remember which. (If you can't smell the smoke wafting through a one block radius, it means they're closed!)

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      1. re: Dylan Yolles

        Closed on Tuesday,open the rest of the week .

        1. re: jed

          The one in Eagle Rock is closed Wednesdays.