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Jan 24, 2008 04:53 PM

Gorikee, Marrakesh, or other ideas?

I've never been to Gorikee, but it sounds good. But I'm a vegetarian. I didn't see many veggie options on the menu, but does anyone know if they can accommodate me?

I love Marrakesh, but it is a bit too pricey. Anyone know of something similar? I also really like Indian food, but I don't know which places are really good (for food and atmosphere). Area is flexible- I live in Santa Clarita, but family lives in Woodland Hills, and friends live in Los Feliz and Hollywood, so anything in these areas is fine.

I'm just looking for a fun, unique, tasty place to celebrate my birthday tomorrow night with about 12-15 people. Would prefer to keep price under $20 per person. I'm hoping for somewhere with a nice atmosphere, that's fun, maybe has some entertainment... just something a little different (I'm open to chains as long as it's still a little special for my birthday).

My ideal place would be: $20 or less, vegetarian friendly (with meat options for the others), fun, nice atmosphere, quiet enough to have a conversation (but doesn't have to be silent). Valley is the most convenient for me, but like I said there will be people from all over, so it's not the only option.

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  1. No one here has ever mentioned that Gorikee has a really seedy outside appearance. We were there years ago when it opened and not all that delighted. As it's mentioned here frequently we dropped in on a Sunday or Monday evening to give it another shot. It was locked up tight! Maybe it was their day off, but the fencing in the back corner of a shopping center wasn't very attractive or welcoming.

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        Gorikee's is closed on Mondays.

        It's kind of a no-frills place, but where else can you get a yummy rib eye for under $20 made in a really pretty way.

        You can pay the extra $10 for nice decor, but the price is the beauty of Gorikee's.

      2. Hugo's is affordable and veggie friendly.

        Alcazar if you want ethnic.

        Tapas at Ole Tapas Bar

        Stanley's is affordable, has a nice patio (though not for tomorrow), and a nice wine list.

        Cucina Bene is affordable Italian on Sepulveda south of Ventura. Sisley is there too (personally, like their salads a lot).

        But, if your family and friends will tolerate vegetarian (really good vegetarian), I'd also consider Madeleine Bistro in Tarzana.

        1. The first thing that comes to mind (not about being similar to Marrakesh, but with entertainment) is Miceli's in Universal City. They are not too spendy and can accomodate a large party. Italian is pretty vegetarian friendly?

          1. Woodlands Indian restaurant would be my rec if you are looking for something in the vicinity of Woodland Hills. It's a little north of that in Chatsworth...roughly Topanga and Devonshire. They have a great selection of vegetarian options and it's all really delicious. Definitely in your price range. The atmosphere isn't the attraction here - it's not unpleasant, just plain.

            Another place to consider is Madeleine bistro in Tarzana. This is an upscale vegetarian place - - definitely a good place for a birthday celebration. You'll definitely exceed your budget of $20 per person though.

            Happy Birthday!