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small wedding reception..plss helpp

hi there,

We are getting married in 30 days,,and nothing done yet..we are looking for a restaurant which is not gonna be expensive for our wedding..There will be not so many people, just around 23-25..and all young ppl..coz my family unfortunatly not here..so it will be like student party i guess :)..so i need advises for a cheap with good menu..i dont know if we need buffet because just 20-25 ppl...we have just 30 days..help ppl :)

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  1. Not sure about what location you wish to have your celebration at.

    The Granite Brewery at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton has good food. You can have the back and ask them to set up a buffet to keep costs down. But the menu is also delicious too.

    1. Mimosa at Yonge and Eg has a very nice private room in the basement with lots of space for a small wedding reception. The food is good and reasonably priced and you can bring your own wine. They generally do events with everyone sitting around one big table, which is kind of nice.

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        "News Flash!

        Mimosa Bistro & Wine Bar has been sold. Our last day of regular business will be Sun. Jan. 13th from 10 - 3 p.m. We would like to thank our wonderful staff, friends, guests and suppliers for their patronage. We had a blast and we couldn't have done it without you!

        Thank you,
        Serge & Vlad"

        WEBSITE: http://www.mimosabistro.com/

      2. Wow, you're under the gun. It would be helpful if you could tell us what part of town you're thinking to do this. I know the upstairs at Boulevard Cafe on Harbord can be booked for a private function.

        Boulevard Cafe
        161 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA

        1. Yikes! As others have said, would be very helpful to know what location you want, as well as some rough idea of budget. Are you wanting to hold the actual ceremony there too, or just dinner?

          Off the top of my head, downtown I would suggest Kit Kat 2. Uptown (near Yonge & Lawrence), Wildfire has a couple private rooms I think, though I can't recall how many will fit in them.


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            i sent mail CuriousCat..thnxx soo much

          2. thnx for all..Mimosa sounds really great..hmm Jamie , i want somewhere close to downtown,or at least close to subway because most of us are students

            1. The Madison Avenue Pub, aka The Maddy. They have several rooms that would suffice for a wedding of that size. I did a party there and used the big "platters" to serve hors d'ouevres to keep our costs down, gave them lots of that sort of thing rather than plated dinner or buffet. The food was surprising decent, great value and they bent over backward to make it a success. Madison Ave runs north off Bloor, just between St. George & Spadina, so right in U of T territory. You could do a very sweet wedding for 25 people in there, and I bet they'd be thrilled to help.

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                thnxx Goddess really..and u have any idea how much could it cost?.. i need to manage everyting..we are students :)

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                  We did a similar thing at Pauper's Pub in the Annex (also students! :D) and I think it came to about $800. (Although I don't think Pauper's has a private room, the pricing at the Maddy is likely to be similar). We had... oh, maybe 40 to 45 people? Not crazy amounts of food, just light appetizers (dips, wings, etc), but everyone got 1 drink ticket as well. You could probably do it for about the same $ for 25 ppl if you want more food.

                  Also, if you're looking for something very casual, there is a place called Savannah Room on College btw Spadina & Bathurst. They have a back-room, but the "rent" for it is an odd system (too long to explain here, best just to call them and talk). Food is ok (GREAT spring rolls and good nachos), drinks are not crazy pricey.

                  Their service is ... well, "scatterbrained" is a good word, but they were new when we had our party there in October. I suggest them b/c they're probably still looking to establish a customer base, so might be a good deal. We had our party for about $600 including everything... again, light appetizers and 50 drinks. I think we got a discount b/c instead of serving us delicious nachos, they gave us McCain's pizza bagel bites.

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                    Pauper's Pub is owned by the Maddy folks. They ain't scatterbrained (!); and they're very used to students, they've been serving them for years.

                    John, best way to do this is not to keep telling them you're students, but just go in, have a look, and tell 'em, "This is how much I have, these are the number of people we hope will attend, we have chosen your venue for our wedding, what can we do together to make this a special day, please?" Don't start by saying "we're students, gotta do this cheap", start by giving them the number they must work within. (Give her your budget, less 10%, for in case.) This goes for any place you decide on. Truly, most places would prefer you tell them outright, saves a lotta time, instead of making them guess what YOU want. And ALWAYS ask if the price they're quoting includes tax and gratuities; most cases, a party of that size will have roughly 30% on top of all the prices for "tax and grats" (2 taxes + 15% tips).

                    Good luck!

                    If they cannot or will not work within your budget, then find a place that will. You are under no obligation, it's YOUR special day.

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                      Whoops, should clarify... Pauper's service was great, Savannah Room is scatterbrained. Very nice folks, but a bit confused.

              2. can't tell you the cost, you'll have to call, but Southern Accent has several rooms for private parties including one for about 25. Near Bathurst station -

                Southern Accent
                595 Markham St, Toronto, ON M6G2L7, CA

                1. Oh, I forgot The Central -- it's newish, behind Honest Ed's, about 3 min walk from Bathurst station (the old Red Guitar). They have an upstairs room that fits 50-60 standing (so probably about 20-30 seated).

                  I haven't eaten there, but their largest party platter is $80 (you probably need a few of these if they are to be people's dinner though). They also have a sit-down menu, their most expensive entree is $16, the rest are $8 to $12 range. House wine is $18/bottle.