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Jan 24, 2008 04:25 PM

Fun, good, inexpensive birthday dinner for 8 ppl?

So I'm calling the Hounds again for great ideas. A small group of us (about 8) are celebrating my birthday on Saturday night and we're looking for something with good food but also a fun, lively atmosphere, for up to around $25/person. Almost any cuisine (excepting Thai) and anywhere in Manhattan will work for this gang. I've looked all over and am stumped for someplace other than our usual standbys. Any recs?

:) Ween

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Off the top of my head, Wan Jo, Dip, Maloney and Porcelli, Artisanal, Salaam Bombay, Gascogne, Le Jardin Bistro, Uncle Nick's.... Thanks for replying!

      :) Ween

      1. re: NYCWeenie

        inoteca, but it will cost $34 pp for the tasting menu

        1. re: rkirschb

          how about lil frankies? first and first.

          1. re: eeee

            At your price range I'd recommend La Fortuna.