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Jan 24, 2008 04:16 PM

Orlando Recommendations - Universal Studios Visit

My wife and 2 children are staying at Universal for a few days and have a vehicle. We are looking for a nice restaurant for just my wife and I as well as places for the family. We enjoy all food types. Currently we are booked for the Teppenyaki Tasting Menu at Tchoup but I am reading some horrible reviews for this place so we are reconsidering. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. across universal there is a place called Cracker Barrel you can look it up excatly on thier website at I highly recomend you get breakfast there.
    Best pancakes.

    1. I wouldn't say Tchoup Tchoup was horrible, but it wasn't great. If you end up there, have some drinks, keep your expectations and expenditures modest, and you'll do OK. I have heard good things about Todd English's Blue Zoo (which isn't at Universal, I think it's at Downtown Disney), but I haven't been. I hope you get other good ideas here. Good luck!

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        Blue Zoo is not in Downtown Disney, but either the Swan or Dolphin hotel (I forget which) on Disney property. You don't need a ticket to the parks to go there, though.

        I've never been to Tchoup Tchoup, but I was unimpressed the one time I ate at Emeril's at Universal "Shittywalk," especially for the price. It wouldn't be a good place to bring kids either, that's for sure.

        Hard Rock Cafe is overpriced, the food is T.G.I. Friday's quality at best, and the service always sucks. Don't go there!

      2. Make sure to eat at Mythos while at Islands of Adventure. Best restaurant you'll ever find in a theme park setting.

        1. for your wife and you....Primo at the gigantic JW Marriott property. Very good. Not sure about how old your kids are but we are love taking our 6 yo to Jiko at disney's animal kingdom. Its not a kids restaurant at all, but the food is really interesting and the setting very nice. Afterwards, you can take the kids for a walk out to the firepit to see if there is an activity going on, or you can just walk out the the "savannah" and watch the animals.

          1. Its a chain and I'm usually not a big fan of chains, but Giordano's Pizza does very solid chicago style pizza. Much better than Uno's. Its a good family choice and there are a couple in the orlando area. They have a website with the full menu, but their pizza is the way to go.

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              Update, there are a couple of giordanos and the one on 192 is awful. Search tripadvisor for my full report.