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Jan 24, 2008 04:09 PM

Seattle CSAs - Seeking your opinion

I'd like to join a CSA program that delivers to Seattle. I've never been a CSA shareholder before and was looking for opinions -- the good and the bad -- of farms that deliver to Seattle. I live in the north end of town so would perfer one that has a pick up area towards the north, but am open to any suggestions. This would be for my household of two (just me and my boyfriend), so we ideally would want one that offers half shares. Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I have been members of Root Connection (in Woodinville) for ten years or so and have only gotten happier with it year by year. Friendly, upstanding people with great intentions, a selection that's always improving, and a helpful u-pick element for members (winter/spring greens, flowers, herbs), which helps lower costs a bit. Deliveries are generally end of May through end of October (with the u-pick greens both before and after), and they have a farm store on the premises, as well as a kiddie garden, etc. Our pickup spot is in Wallingford. I highly recommend them. Phone 425-881-1006.

    1. I've heard good things about the CSA from Full Circle Farm, and they have nice produce at the farmers' markets.

      I'd suggest looking at the websites of the local farmers' markets, and visiting a few of them, to see whose produce you like. The websites of the Seattle markets list vendors. I don't know about the Woodinville market.

      1. I would second both recommendations above. My husband and I have had the summer CSA subscription through Root Connection for five years, they are great, really committed to preserving the farmland in Woodinville. We love the u-pick herb garden, flower beds, and greens at the farm, my only complaint is they had to cut down on the number of dropsites. We're also a 2-person household and the regular share size is perfect if you are agressive about eating vegetables, a wee bit big if you're not. Summer shares are veggies, no fruit. They do also offer a winter share (veggies and fruit) but it's only pick-up at the farm. So because that was inconvenient for us, we signed up for Full Circle Farm during the winter months. They have a very good website and email notice system so you can preview your box contents and make up to five changes. You can sign up for delivery every week or every other week, and you can skip box delivery with enough advance notice. They have many dropoff sites in Seattle. All organic veggies and fruit.

        1. We did Full Circle Farm for a while. We stopped because we were not eating all the produce and this was from a half share. It's alot of food. They have a fairly efficient system where you get to pick what you want each week off their website. I did find though that at times I still would receive choices I did not want and this was annoying. I never did find out if this was an error on their part or if they were just making substitutions without checking with us. The pickup was at a pretty convenient location for us but I do know some CSAs actually deliver to your door. This one does not.