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Jan 24, 2008 03:52 PM

Dining solo in Bellevue

I will be in Bellevue for business for one night. What are the can't miss places in town?


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  1. Seastar is good. Very well run restaurant. fancy dinner type deal. Bis on Main = secret / very cool find. very good. Right on Main St. Daniel's Broiler for a night cap or a steak - beautiful view of the city / region.

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    1. re: jamesbra

      Have to disagree on Seastar, not very good service, and only ok food. I would not feel comfortable dining there alone at all.

    2. I like O/8 twisted cork , they have a great happy hour!

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      1. re: savvy savorer

        YES! have a fun wine flight and 1/2 price sashimi scallops (to die for), ahi poke and oysters! My favorite!

      2. Facing East. Order 3-4 dishes to nibble on randomly and you won't be disappointed.

        In the Bellevue Square area, the only edible food there is Luciano or Ruth's Chris. Don't bother with anything else. Seastar has nice salmon.

        1. I agree with James about Bis on Main. I had dinner there a couple of months ago and the service, food and wine were all outstanding. We hosted a dinner for a party of 7 and everyone raved about their dishes. Their seafood dishes are especially good. The setting is far more intimate than Seastar, which is pretty, but large, corporate and a bit cold. I'd definitley feel comfortable going there alone. Enjoy!

          1. Yes, you're in Bellevue, and there are some nice choices, but I'll say a taxi ride to Cafe Juanita would be worth it. Excellent service, great wine list, and the food never disappoints.