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Jan 24, 2008 03:48 PM

Bond St Sushi

Has anyone been to the new Bond St Sushi in Beverly Hills?

My wife and I have enjoyed the one in NY a couple of times. The sushi was good enough, with some interesting items, but I think what we reallyed enjoyed about it was the cool NY vibe that it exuded. Just wondering if the LA version has a similar feel, and of course, whether the sushi is any good.

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  1. I went last week. The food and menu are almost identical to the NY outpost i.e. solid, well-prepared sushi that tastes good but is kind of gimmicky (maybe it was innovative 10 years ago when the first BondSt opened, but these days, not so much). Vibe was "cool". Lots of dark wood, attractive people, good drinks and bustling atmosphere. All in all, I wouldn’t go if you’re craving excellent sushi, but I would definitely go if you want sushi in a really fun, hip atmosphere. Personally I'll be back for drinks and a few rolls in the upstairs lounge, but not for a full dinner.

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      I went last night with two girlfriends and it was practically empty--after they made a big deal of taking our reservation because they had a "last minute cancellation for 8 pm." That kind of attitude should have shown us they type of service we would receive.

      We had: salmon scallion roll, tuna avocado roll, seaweed salad, black cod in miso, spicy tuna on crispy rice, eggplant, chicken dumplings, kurobata eggrolls, and the banana gyoza for dessert. Plus three types of sake and some mixed drinks. While nothing was inedible, nothing stood out as unique or especially good. The wait staff also did the annoying thing where they kept trying to take our dishes when they were only half done but we were talking. They were not busy at all and had no reason whatsoever to turn tables, but they were really really irritating. Our waiter, particularly, was cloying.

      The decor, however, is phenomenal. Go upstairs to the lounge and the rooftop deck--one of the most attractive spaces in Los Angeles.

      Summary: Go for the view (the interior and the people) but not the food. If you want to eat amazing sushi stick to Echigo!

      1. re: BunnieBear

        More like Echi-don't -go.... Echigo is awful. Go to Kiriko.

        1. re: BunnieBear

          I can't tell whether you're saying the food was nearly inedible or just not outstanding, Bunniebear. Echigo is a place I like very much but that's not really what we ought to compare Bond St. to; I would be more interested in the comparison to places like Nobu, Koi, etc.

          The service sounds horrific. When will they ever learn?

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