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Jan 24, 2008 03:45 PM

where to find black rice & coconut milk asian dessert) in manhattan?

Hi guys,

after visiting my hometown of LA over the holidays, i got addicted to the warm, stickily delicious asian dessert that is Forbidden Black Rice with Coconut Milk at Phoenix Food Boutique ( It's basically sweet, sticky black rice with warm coconut milk poured on top. I had it every single day, it was so amazing.
Where to find this dessert in Manhattan?

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  1. I know Nyonya and Jaya have it.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      had the cold version at jaya last night . . . inexpensive at $2.50 I think; not too sweet, not just rice but also beans maybe? pretty good, quite refreshing.

    2. lotta malay places call it pulut hitam

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      1. re: bigjeff

        Quibble: Malaysian places (most are operated by Chinese Malaysians, not Malays).

        Thais also make that dessert (or a slight variant thereof - less liquid, perhaps, and maybe with a layer of egg on top), and you can buy a good version at Bangkok Center Grocery on Mosco St. between Mott and Mulberry.

        1. not to hijack the thread, but are there any places for good mango or banana sticky rice? queens/brooklyn would be fine as well.

          1. We always used to get this at a tiny place called Tara Thai on 1st Ave between St Marks and 9th St. The coconut milk is ever so slightly salty and it is also one of my favorite desserts. We always thought this little place (run by a very friendly family) is a cut above the typical Americanized Thai places that are everywhere, even if it serves basically the same stuff.