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Jan 24, 2008 02:46 PM

Toronto CSA - Anyone know one?

Looking for a CSA in the Toronto area that delivers vegetables and fruits (or one in which the customer picks up the order). Can anyone make a recommendation? Thank you!

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  1. don't know how reliable this information is, but there's a list of CSAs that deliver to GTA at this link -

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          That link is dead. I assume the poster meant:

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          neither green earth organics nor front door organics are CSA (community share agriculture) farms. they are organic produce businesses that buy their produce from a variety of local and non-local suppliers. as another poster mentioned, the boxes of these companies include lots of imported food, including organics from multinationals (many of which try to stretch the definition of organic as much as the weak american regulations allow, and which certainly don't conform to any of the other tenets of organic farming - sustainable, environmentally responsible, providing non-exploitative work conditions etc). if you buy a share in a CSA farm, you're actually supporting a specific farm and get food grown on it (sometimes in combination from stuff from other neighbouring farms). the disadvantage is that most CSAs are seasonal, usually june to october.

        3. We were really happy with our CSA from Plan B, I know they have a winter box and try to use as much local produce as possible in it.
          One of the reasons we switched to a CSA from an organic box (like front door organics) was the amount of organic stuff from far afield. Yeah the kale's organic, it's also travelled from Texas though.

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            For an idea of the variety and quantity of a half-share from Plan B, I'm including a link to my photographs of what I received from them in 2005. I really enjoyed all the fruits and vegetables and even visited the farm on their open house.


            1. re: gnuf

              We've had Plan B boxes for the pat two summers (2006 & 2007) and enjoyed them. However, we thought that the variety of the produce we got dropped a bit this past summer. The first summer looked a lot like what gnuf got (see his link above). Last summer was less diverse.

              We suspect it has something to do with the fact that they added a more expensive "gourmet box" last year, which we didn't sign up for.


              1. re: detritus

                Don't be disappointed in not having ordered the "gourmet box". We did, and it was no great shakes compared to the regular one...usually just one or two extra items, nothing truly gourmet or unusual, and didn't justify the price. That said, we have been happy with them before.

                1. re: innercitykitty

                  i've been getting my fall/summer produce from chick-a-biddy farm, also a CSA farm. their produce is excellent but we were experiencing some shortages of certain things, and some items growing much smaller than they should be. it was because of the lack of rain last summer - some things just didn't grow as well. but the stuff that did come up nicely, had really amazing flavour. they have two drop of points - one on harbord somewhere, and one on argyle and dovercourt (just north of queen).

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                    i should have mentioned that chickabiddy only grows vegetables, no fruit. but you get unlimited amount of herbs, which are fantastic, as well as as much mini tomatoes and tomatillos as you want. they also raise some animals, and sell meat (but you have to preorder). they don't butcher themselves. they also have free run eggs, although these sell out fast. i just got an email from them that they will be taking deposits for next year's harvest in february, so if anyone is interested, you should contact them soon to get on their mailing list.

                  2. re: innercitykitty

                    Yeah, we thought that might have been the case. I guess it might be attributable to the lousy growing season last summer.

                2. re: gnuf

                  Thank you all, this information is very helpful. I wrote Plan B an email based on JamieK's response but haven't heard back. Will try again. Unfortunately, we're on the eastern edge of Toronto and they don't deliver our way (and driving 40 minutes to pick it up sort of defeats the purpose.) But we'll see.

                  1. re: Oliver Ranch

                    They're nice people but sometimes their communication/email monitoring is secondary to the farming, so it may be a while before you hear from them.
                    If you can organize your friends/neighbours they'll turn your house into a depot. I can't remember if you need 5 or 10 people to commit.

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