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Jan 24, 2008 02:43 PM

Ruthie's in Cedarhurst

It looks like Ruthie's (next door to Sabra Pizza) is for sale (see page 54 of the following link).

I wonder why they are selling it?
It is such a great location for a new restaurant to open (like Smoky Joe's for example).

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  1. Ruthie's doesn't seem to be doing too well lately. They cut down their hours, and it seems to be empty most of the time. Perhaps it's because Ruthie's is no longer the only casual dairy place in the area. When it opened, it competed with the Dairy Revue, and now it competes with Mom's Pastries, Central Perk, and the Coffee Bar.

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      I never really thought of Ruthie's as a dairy restaurant, just as a sit down portion of Sabra's Pizza. I still think a dairy restaurant would work, but it needs to be a dairy restaurant, like the "Garden of Eat In" in Brooklyn. They have to be open for breakfast, offering a breakfast special, not bagel based; we have enough of those, but one that would offer, eggs with toasted rye. As to dinner, we have enough fish and pasta places, What is needed is one that offers, a good potato soup, blintzes (not crazy expensive like Ruthie's was), salmon crochets, noodles and cheese etc... I really miss the Dairy Revue.

    2. My family and I liked Ruthie's. It was the one place in the five towns that all of my kids could find something that they wanted to eat. Maybe Ruthie's is always emplty because they STOPPED TAKING CREDIT CARDS!

      1. I haven't been so impressed with Ruthies. last year, I went in with a whole group of people. the only fish avail. was the Salmon, and whebn we complained that it smelled and tasted "fishy", the "manager" - ( Ruthy) took it back tio the kitchen tasted it and brought it back saying it was fine and if we didn't like the smell we should put lemon juice on it- . Then when it was time to pay - we complained again and "the manager" crumpled up the bill and threw it on the floor. Maybe tha's why poeple make alternate dinig choices.