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Jan 24, 2008 02:39 PM

chicken inspiration-- please

I'm fighting a cold and would like to avoid a run to the store.

I have boneless skinless chicken breasts but I'm trying to think of something new (and easy) to do with these.

I have shallots, onions
sour cream, cream, milk
a few plum tomatoes, capers, lemons, parsley, carrots
lots of dried pasta
canned tomatoes
homemade chicken stock
lots of dried spices and vinegars, mustards, flavored oils

I know I could make Nigella's ritzy chicken or a chicken salad, but I'm kind of in the mood for something else, but I don't know what. Gosh, I sound vague!!!

I could make Israeli couscous with some pine nuts and dried cherries as the side.

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    1. do you have any olives & anchovies on hand? i'm thinking pasta puttanesca - brown the chicken to add some flavor, then simmer in the sauce to finish cooking.

      homemade alfredo-esque chicken & pasta dish with the cream/milk products & parmesan cheese.

      chicken divan.

      chicken piccata.

      if you had fresh thyme on hand i'd suggest a garlic-thyme herb crust on the chicken -sautée, drizzle with balsamic reduction, & serve with your couscous side dish.

      1. You have all the Fixins for Chicken Piccata I think...

        1. It's probably too late but... I have a great lemon pepper chicken in my usual rotation that my family just loves. I take lemon zest, fresh ground pepper and kosher salt and mash it in a mortar & pestle. I let the chicken "marinate" in the lemon juice for 15 mins. and then smear the lemon pepper paste on top of the chix and cook it in a 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes or so.

          Admittedly, it's better w/ chicken w/ bones and skin but hey, it'd work w/ your boneless breasts too.

          Or you coud do chicken francaise (sauteed, pounded cutlets, lemon juice, butter, white wine, shallots & capers) over pasta w/ butter, olive oil & parsley.

          I hope u feel better soon. :-)

          1. Chicken Curry... perfect for a cold night with a cold.

            Try this one, it's really good.