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Jan 24, 2008 02:24 PM

Good English Pub North of Toronto??

I'm trying to convince my husband (who is English) to move away from the city and into the burbs. We're currently looking at the Richmond Hill/Aurora area. Would love to get some ideas of a few good english pubs in the area.

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  1. lol, how do you get an Englishman to move, find a good pub! Thanks for the chuckle.

    Over to the east a bit is Unionville, which has a lovely history main street with quite a few restaurants, bistros and cafes, including the "local" I used to frequent at one time -- the Unionville Arms. Unfortunately, it had a major fire in November and they are re-building trying to save and restore the historical facade. The building was built in 1870 and has been a blacksmith's, an auto repair garage, a car dealership and a playhouse before becoming a pub.
    Here;s the CTV coverage of the fire-

    Anyway it was a friendly place where everyone knew everyone in a Cheers sort of way, family-friendly, darts, an after-game hang-out for local sports teams. Good selection of beers on tap, of course. I remember it fondly and I'm sure it will return to its former neighbourhood spot status once it's rebuilt.

    Unionville Arms
    189 Main St, Markham, ON L3R, CA

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      Thanks for the tip! Will look into it.

    2. Hang on to your man! Aurora is home of major MAJOR cougar bars! Lots of trolling in tight jeans and high heels.... so, there are quite a few actually but you may wish to rethink your plan!

      My favorite combo place is Tora Ristorante Trattoria on Yonge in N. Richmond Hill.

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        There are a couple of Brit-style pubs in Richmond Hill. Neither is anything amazing but they both have some decent stuff on tap, pictures of the Tube etc.

        One is the London Pub which is on Yonge St, south of Major Mac.
        The other I can think of is the King's Henry Arms at Yonge/16th (just down from Future Shop).

        There's also the Britannia Pub in Thornhill but it's a bit of a grungy old school place.

        Overall there are few nice bars clubs up here in York Region, for the time being.

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          My husband frequents King Henry's Arms and says the food is great. We've tried London Pub but weren't impressed. The crowd there is a bit younger.

          There is also a Firkin pub north of Major Mac.

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            Has anyone been to King Henry's Arms recently? I'm looking for a pub to go for a couple of drinks and dinner with a friend. Is the food good?

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              REALLY GOOD! My family always goes there, especially Friday nights after a long week. My mom and I are actually going there for lunch today!

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              Just to be clear, there is another King Henry's Arms in Aurora, at 15570 Yonge. Great food there, as well. The one in RH is 9301 Yonge..