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Jan 24, 2008 02:09 PM

San Juan Recap

Just returned from a wonderful 5 days in PR. Weather was mostly lovely, and the eating was surprisingly good. A couple notable spots:

Mi Casita - Puerto Rican, Inexpensive, Isla Verde - Food was pretty good and portions were very large. Mofongo was excellent, though the beef with it was dry and forgettable. Chicken breast stuffed with ham, bacon and cheese was really delicious. Not a destination place, but decent food at good prices.

Lupi's - Mexican, Inexpensive, Isla Verde - Skip it. Food sucked. Drinks were fine. Only went because they had a lot of TVs to watch the Giants game.

Dragonfly - Asian-Caribbean, Old San Juan, Moderate/Expensive - Really surprisingly great food. Definitely a highlight. Nice ambiance and good, strong drinks (better than the overpriced wine list). Food is meant to be shared so four of us tried 4 big plates and a few side orders. Sauteed spinach came with a spicy peanut sauce and was really quite good. Sea bass was forgettable. But the other three main plates - Peking Duck Nachos, Asian Steak Frites, Crispy Calamari - were excellent. Portions were very large, and the food was imaginative and well done. Would definitely return.

Metropol - Cuban, Isla Verde, Moderate - Shared a big Cuban-style steak dish, with plantains, and black beans. All was pretty nice, though the steak could have been a bit more tender. Really enjoyed the atmosphere. Nothing upscale but seemed like a lot of repeat customers who knew the staff, and a lot of big families. And the gigantic pitcher of Sangria was very good and cheap.

Wish I could have made it to the Santurce markets. Maybe next time.

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  1. I am so glad you loved DF. I did was so funky and fun. I went in Oct. off season. How was the wait in Jan.?? Metropole is bustling and lively. Wish I could try the Sangria but I am often in SJU alone in transit.

    1. Dragonfly! An incredibly memorable meal, extraordinary!

      My group of 4 dined there a few weeks ago and we all loved it.

      1. Mi Casita is a great breakfast option and a cheap way to start off the day to save some money for the dinners.

        Italian rest. at El San Juan is excellent! Mares at the Ritz is also great for a casual seafood dinner by the pool.