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Jan 24, 2008 02:03 PM

Shelf life of boxed chicken broth?

I am new to this site (and cooking!) so this might be an obvious question...but I have a box of Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken broth that has been in my cupboard unopened for about a year. It says that it doesn't have to be refrigerated until it is opened, and I cannot find an expiration date. Is this safe or does this have a limited shelf life? Thanks!

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  1. It's probably OK...though there should be a date somewhere. It has a limited shelf life, but the new boxes of chicken broth that I've bought in the last few weeks have best by dates a bit more than a year from now.

    1. My Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken broth boxes have an expiration date on the top, inside the white box. They say 21 July 08 and I bought the six-pack at Costco sometime last fall, so your box is probably okay.

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        Thanks! I called home and asked a family member to check the box for the expiration date since I am trying to figure out of I need to stop by the store tonight. They may have missed it. :-)

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          How far past the "Best by date" can Igo?

        2. If it hasn't swelled, there's no "whoosh" when you open it, it smells okay, there's nothing growing on it or in it, and you are heating it to the boiling point anyway, it will be fine. At worst, the flavours - if any :-) - may be muted. They don't call this "aseptic packaging" for nothing.

          I've used boxed soup so far past it's best before date that I'm embarrassed to mention how old it was, and it was fine. Just remember that it must be refrigerated once it's opened and it doesn't last very long beyond that. When it's gone off, I can smell it immediately.

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            Yeah, the package is either sterile or it isn't -- if it won't spoil in a year, it won't spoil until the package is opened or until the packaging fails. The quality may deteriorate, though. Basically, the so-called expiration date is just the date after which the producer won't guarantee the quality.