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Jan 24, 2008 01:43 PM

Italian Food ?.. Crofton MD

My daughter lives in Crofton and we have eaten @ the Slyhorse tavern which has some good bar food especially the chower .We have also eaten @ the Yellow Finn in a near by town .To date We can not find any REAL Italian food in the area .Could you recommend some any type of eatery in the area of Crofton

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  1. Try Alison's on Defense Highway (450) just off Route 2. It's not all Italian, but basically it is Italian or Italian influenced.

    1. I'm not too familiar with Crofton. There's a place that is mentioned frequently and favorably on this forum called Pasta Plus in Laurel. That would probably be about 20 miles from Crofton. Have you looked, or would you consider traveling to Annapolis? I don't know about Italian, but they seem to have every other type of restaurant there. There's another place that serves up Northern Italian cuisine called Trattoria Alberto in Glen Burnie, but they are very expensive - easily over $100 for two to dine. They have won lots of formal praise and awards. There's another place near Trattoria Alberto that has been mentioned on this forum, but the name escapes me now. I'm not sure what you mean when you say REAL Italian - are you looking for Traditional Italian American, haughty Italian cuisine, Northern Italian?

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        Thanks ..they live just off rt 3..It is hard to even get a decent pizza ..We found another place the Big Fish which is not bad ..Where do these people eat ??

      2. Considering your location, I might suggest you try the Italian Market in Waugh Chapel and Mamma Roma's near Piney Orchard. Both are nothing fancy and nothing to write home to Naples about, but both provide dependable fare at decent prices.
        In Bowie, at the Free State Mall on Rte 450, there's the Pomo Grille, where I've learned to keep it simple and avoid the complicated dishes. Also in Bowie, I'd recommend T.J Elliot's on Rte 197 for their lasagne. Finally, there's always Carrabba's on Governor Bridge Road, heading south on Rte 3/301.

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          I second Italian Market. My aunt lives over there and we sometimes have dinner there. Also, I love Ledo's pizza and there is one on Route 3.

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            I seem to recall that Past Plus had a "sister" restaurant at one time in Bowie. I know the name was not "Pasta Plus", but it was run by the same people. Anybody know if that place still exists? My memory is from many years back, and I don't get down to that area often, so it may be long gone by now. I think the name was something like "Monte e Mare" or something like that, but it's been long enough that I wouldn't rely on my recollection. I think it was in or near a mall of some sort.

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              Mare e Monti at Bowie's Free State Mall closed three or four years ago. I had kept a list of "when in P.G. County, where to eat" emergency places in my car and was sad to lose this lifeboat. Glad to hear Pomo Grille may take its place on my list.

              I tried getting an update via Pasta Plus's web site, but it too seems frozen [about 5-6 years ago] in time.

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                wow .. !! there is some hope ..I thank you for your thoughts .Since it appers that many the wrote know/ live in the area .Where are you favorrite ''any thing'' places

                1. re: big1515

                  Anne Arundel Seafood is a place where they have indoor picnic tables and you go up and get your food cafeteria style. They have two sections - one for fried and broiled items such as crab cakes,softshell crab and fried clams. The other section has steamed items such as scallops, a variety of fish and shellfish. Everything is always very fresh. There are a lot of different beers to choose from. I've only been there on the weekends for lunch, but I've probably been there about 5 or 6 times in the past few years and always enjoyed it and thought the atmosphere was fun.

                  Anne Arundel Seafood
                  230 Mountain Rd
                  Pasadena, MD 21122
                  (410) 255-3344

                  1. re: big1515

                    Trying to keep it within a reasonable radius and in no particular order:

                    In Bowie: Old Bowie Town Grille is a good local "go-to" spot with good food, good prices, and a good vibe. Fresh seafood, steak and open-faced pot roast sandwich are to be recommended.
                    KBQ Barbecue, near the intersection of 450 and 193, is the best in our neck of the woods and maybe the best around, if you believe other posts on this board. Mainly takeout.
                    The aforementioned TJ Elliott's for the aforementioned lasagna and for Ledo's pizza (the owners are the sons of the original Ledo's in Adelphi), if you like that kind of "pizza," and the highly esteemed Grace's Fortune in the same Bowie shopping center as the aforementioned Pomo Grille and the erstwhile Mare e Monti.

                    In Crofton: Christopher's, on Rte 3, is a storefront with surprisingly fine dining inside. Also nearby is Vince's Deli, with decent subs/hoagies/grinders or whatever you like to call them and a servicable Italian market. The Four Seasons in Waugh Chapel also gets high marks from the locals, though I've never been there.

                    In Crownsville: Another place I've never been but heard good things about from the locals is the Sputnik Cafe on Generals Hwy. Unique space-age atmosphere and a creative kitchen, I'm told.

                    In Gambrills: Kaufmann's Tavern is an old stand-by. Been around a long time for a reason.

                    For Indian, I like Bombay Masala on 193 in the Cipriano Square Shopping Center across from NASA Goddard in Greenbelt (behind the Burger King)

                    And lastly, if your daughter ever needs a butcher, My Butcher and More in Gambrills at the intersection of 450 and 424 is the place to go. They also make good subs and sandwiches.

                    That should keep you busy, and I hope, happy, for a while.

                    1. re: Sal Gee

                      Great job ..Oh .yes we have been to the Kellarny House which has good bar food ..She lives off Davidsonville Rd and that place is close ..When my wife and I visit we now know where to take them

                  2. re: Lydia R

                    There's a new Italian Grill joint open in Free State Mall. Supposed to be family owned. Right next to the Cold Stone.

                    1. re: Chownut

                      That's Pomo Grille. I wouldn't recommend it, but I prefer pasta with marinara to not be swimming in oil.

              2. Three Brothers in Gamber with the SUPER FRESH...nothin fancy.. plastic chairs and paper plates..but I always enjoyed the Pizza Boats..can't vouch for anything else tho!!!

                1. I lived in the Crofton area for 2 years and (unfortunately) there isn't any good Italian to be found. I come originally from Western NY state where there is usually a great family run Italian place in every town. I was baffled when I first moved there and asked for some Italian dining suggestions and more than one person recommended Olive Garden! MD does have many great dining options, home style Italian is just not one of them.

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                    Great family-run Italian dining place? You're describing Pasta Plus in Laurel.