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Jan 24, 2008 01:26 PM

New York Prime.. Myrtle Beach

This is a Peter Luger of Brooklyn NY ..want to be ,but it is very good for Myrtle Beach ..The prices are VERY high ,but the quality is very good . Since Manager Mr Padula left/transfered ,the service has gone down hill a bit ..Is there better places in Myrtle Beach for steak or lobster ??

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  1. im actually getting ready to head down that way myself this my experience, the best restaurants are actually in the surrounding areas - less tourist traps, better prices, and generally higher quality food. It does seem a shame, though, that you are looking for steak and lobster in an area that has such an abundance of fresh local seafood...however, the best place for food - of any kind - that i have found in the area is Murrell's Inlet, which is a tiny little town near Pawley's Island...they have an excellent steakhouse (Bovine's, I believe?) that is reasonably priced for the quality (somewhere around $15-30/entree). They also have a variety of local seafood and innovative pairings that may interest your (hopefully more adventurous) fellow dining companions. Most of the restaurants in this area are delicious - but its no longer a secret to the surrounding area, so be prepared to wait or make a reservation during peak season or on the weekend. if you prefer to make your own dinners, i would highly suggest Murrell's Inlet Seafood (store? i cant remember the name exactly)- they have the freshest and best, and will often give you a discount if you are buying for a larger group...last time I went, it was oyster season, and we got a sixty pound bag for under 25 dollars - and they were amazing. hope that helped a bit -

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      I have a place @ Riverwalk @ Arrowhead golf course ,off 501..I agree the better places are south of MB .Down that way are 2 favs Franks and Austin's both are on Hwy 17 in Pawleys .Both are pricey ,but you get a good return on the buck