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Best Manhattan Steakhouse

I want to treat my boyfriend to a steakhouse dinner for Valentine's Day, but I don't know which one to pick. We've already been to Peter Luger's and the Palm, so I want something different. Also, it would be great if there were fish options too -- I'm not much of a meat eater (hence the yearly treat for him.)

Thanks in advance --

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  1. Take him to Keen's...neither of you will regret it! :)


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      Second on Keens. It's got the atmosphere of an old NY steakhouse, excellent steaks but not as good as Lugers, wonderful selection in the bar, and just feels right.

      1. Quality Meats is extraordinary, and it has a cool, "updated" steakhouse menu and atmosphere.

        If you're looking for a more "old school" steakhouse experience (and menu), go to Old Homestead in the Meatpacking District.


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          Don't go to Old Homestead if you want good steak though.

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            When I last visited Old Homestead (about a week ago), the steaks were excellent and everyone in my party (6 people) agreed.

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            The service at Quality Meats is laughably bad and amateurish. In spite of my asking how a particular bottle of wine is currently drinking, the waitstaff (yes, my table-assigned waitstaff called a more elderly waitstaff to try and convince me) tried to sell me another bottle because they insist that it is a popular-seller in their restaurant.

            There's also the rude phone service when I made the reservation, but that's another story.

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              And the food absolutely was not that great at Quality Meats. Just the appetizers. And the bread. That's about all.

          3. BLT Steak has some fish options on the menu. Took my husband there and he loved it.

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              I think you can't go wrong with Sparks. Great steaks (get the sirloin) in an old school atmosphere. Plus the wine list is very affordable as opposed to most new steakhouses which I think are insanely over-priced.

            2. Craftsteak if you are willing to splurge!

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                As usual, I agree with Kobetobiko. My boyfriend and I went to Craftseak for our anniversary/his birthday and they really made it quite fun and romantic. Here is a link to my review, if you are interested: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/474729

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                  Hi Melanie,

                  Thanks for your kind words. Your review was wonderful and truly informative! I enjoyed reading your posts very much!

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                    Thank you so much Kobe! I feel the same way about your posts as well. It's actually somewhat eerie how I can often read halfway through a post and think 'Wow. I COMPLETELY agree. This is probably Kobetobiko' (and I'm usually right!)

              2. Strip House serves the best tasting ribeye and strip steak. They serves several fish options too.
                Keens is good for the mutton, not crazy about their beef.

                1. DelFrisco's is my favorite!!! yummmm

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                    Keen's. Heads and tails above Luger, who is now living on past glories IMHO.

                  2. Is there any specific area you are looking to celebrate in?

                    1. The sides are particularly delicious as well.

                      1. I run a super-high end steakhouse for a living...(not telling which one).

                        However...my favorite steak in the city is from Wolfgang's...haven't been to the new one, though. Wolfgang was a head waiter/manager at Peter Luger's and basically said, "I can serve this quality of steak in a restaurant that doesn't look like a shithole!" And, Voila.
                        Treat yourself to the thick-slab Canadian bacon appetizer. I would gladly shave 10 years off of my life if I could eat it everyday. I've been there for dating, for large groups, for lunch, and for dinner and it's always great.

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                          I do agree with Wolfgangs being really good. I have been to both locations and the food is consistent and a fun atmosphere. I did not like Craftsteak at all and either did the other people I was with. I would suggest BLT Prime or the Palm always is a good choice.

                        2. This is really helpful. Thanks again!