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Jan 24, 2008 01:18 PM

Food that cities are known for [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Can anyone help me find an appetizer from a city that's know for a certain type of food? (i.e. philly cheese steaks from Philadelphia). Have a party to go to and that's the theme. Something somewhat inexpensive would be original plan was maryland crabcakes, but crab meat is so expensive! Thanks in advance everyone!

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  1. Buffalo Chicken Wings.
    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.
    Manhattan Clam Chowder (the red one)
    Boston Clam Chowder (the white one)
    Mini Philly Cheesesteaks

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    1. re: Jennalynn

      Sorry I just want to point out that it is New England Clam Chowder, not Boston, they get the beans that's it.

        1. re: cheesegrater

          "So this is good old Boston,
          The home of the bean and the cod,
          Where the Lowells talk only to the Cabots,
          And the Cabots talk only to God."

          -- John Collins Bossidy

          1. re: Xiao Yang

            Yes, Boston's the home of the beans,
            And Bostonians couldn't be prouder.
            But in other New England tureens,
            There's different persuasions of chowder!

      1. Cincinnati chili
        New Orleans muffaletta or po'boys

        1. Kansas City BBQ (but I don't care for KC Masterpiece sauce, so please consider a homemade, tomato based sauce and you can more respectably call it KC BBQ)--the problem here is that depending on where you live, you may not want to hang out around a smoker outside this time of year!

          So, my alternate idea is Cincinnati style chili, which is much more easily made indoors. I think partygoers would like adding all the side items in to personalize their three way or four way chili!

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. New York Pizza or by the same token, Chicago Pizza.
              Buffalo (NY) wings
              New Orleans crawfish, muffalatta...anything Creole
              Kansas City Barbeque

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              1. re: Gio

                These are all good app ideas.

                How about BBQ shrimp, New Orleans style? That isn't grilled, but a spicy broth w/ whole, head on shrimp. If you opt for a medium sized, headed, shell-on shrimp, you can even pull it off for a reasonable price.