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Jan 24, 2008 01:15 PM

Dim Sum with most variety in Flushing?

Hi. I think I'll be taking advantage of the LIRR free rides to Flushing this weekend. Haven't checked out the dim sum scene in Flushing for a while (well, at least since there was Gum Fung). Which one of these restaurants have the largest variety of dim sum during the weekends?

Ocean Jewels
Jade Garden
Gala Manor

My primary goal is to find a place with a wide variety of dim sum, including items that I can't find in Manhattan. Do any of these places have cheung fun filled with seafood and greens as opposed to the normal shrimp, beef and roast pork? I've had these in Oakland and haven't been able to find it in Manhattan yet. And I don't think I'll be a fan of the nouveau dim sum Jade Garden offers -- I don't like mayo with seafood.

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  1. i haven't eaten at jade garden (is that the former gum fung?), but i have eaten at ocean jewels and gala manor (both are good). I think in terms of variety ocean jewel is better...i have not seen cheung fan with seafood and greens (though doesn't mean they don't have it), but dim sum in CA (LA or SF) is light years past NY (just to keep expectations in line)

    1. I've been to Jade Garden twice in the last two weeks and each time the variety was great. Lots of standards and quite a few unique dim sum, all excellent quality and taste.
      I also really like the service here, very friendly and helpful.

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        the old gum fung is jade asian rest. not garden. mabey you guys are talkin about another place

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          I stand corrected, Jade Asian Rest. is where I'm talking about.

      2. My parents have dim sum for lunch in Flushing several times a weeks. They've tried many dim sum restaurants in the area, and their favorite is Guang Zhou Restaurant (廣州酒家 in Chinese). Address: 2nd floor, 136-59 37th Ave., just north of the large municipal park lot. This place is always packed on weekends, especially around lunch time, so it's better to go before noon.

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        1. re: cacaoonli

          Is this place still also called Perfect Team Corporation, or something like that?

          1. re: squid kun

            Yes, their official name is called Perfect Team Corporation, which is kind of weird name for a restaurant.

            1. re: cacaoonli

              I like to feel like my dim sum is being prepared by super-heroes. Maybe before they send out a big order of shu mai they have a secret hand shake and say "Perfect Team....ACTIVATE!"

          2. re: cacaoonli

            I agree. I have been to Guang Zhou Restaurant a couple of months ago with my HK friends. It was quite good. (I think it's better than Ocean Jewel.) The food tasted really fresh.. I think that was the key reason I liked it. Thanks for sharing that with us.

            1. re: bearmi

              5 of us went to Perfect Team Corp. (aka Guang Zhou) today and the dim sum was definitely above average. I'd rate it above almost all others except World Tong in Brooklyn. Everything was fresh but the selection, although quite extensive, was limited in that it was all very traditional. None of the innovative fare you'd find at WT nor any of the more "out of the ordinary" offerings. I'd go back there easily but, if you have a choice, hit World Tong.

          3. Thanks all!. You're right -- it's Jade Asian Restaurant in the old Gum Fung space. All these names sound the same to me.

            1. Gala Manor has cheung fun with scallops, which is something that is not especially common even in California. (Hing Lung in SF Chinatown has it but it sucks. Gala Manor's is very good.)