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Jan 24, 2008 01:06 PM

Le Cinq ??

My wife and I and her parents are off to Paris in 6 weeks. We are looking for a "special" dinner while we are there. I am very interested in Le Cinq at the Georges V as we are staying next door and have heard rave reviews. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts or other ideas. I shouldn't say that money is no object but we are willing to pay if it is worth it.


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  1. Le Cinq - I highly recommend. My husband and I were just there this past November. We have been going to Le Cinq since they first opened and every dinner is just as magical as the last. The food is exquisite but the people and the atmosphere send it over the top.

    1. There are much better options if you are focused on exceptional food. It is an amazing palace yet, so if you are looking for the "full monty" of splendid luxury, it is not a bad choice at all. Great wine list, spectacular setting and top notch staff indeed.

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        I am open to any options you might have. My heart is not set to Le Cinq. For this meal I am looking for amazing food and yes a little "pomp and circumstance"


      2. I've had lunch at Le Cinq - the food is excellent but the atmosphere is what puts it over the top. It's so stunningly luxurious you almost feel like you are on a movie set. The Hotel Meurice is another place with amazing atmosphere that is romantic in that classic Parisan way - here's the website:

        Have an incredible time!

        1. In my experience in Paris you have to chose between truly amazing settings and truly amazing food. The palaces offer the former -- my favourite room would be at les Ambassadeurs but my favourite food among palaces would be at le Meurice or le Bristol. I found le Cinq to be very pretentious but surely the Maitre d', Beaumard, is an exceptional host.

          Maybe the most highly luxurious restaurant which is also of real gastronomic interest is Le Doyen. In my opinion, and actually it is a commonly acknowledged one, the best food is there and at l'Ambroisie, l'Arpège, and Pierre Gagnaire, all ridiculously expensive by the way. Chef Briffard at les Elysées is a special case because his restaurant apparently does not have means in accordance with his talent. Food there is nevertheless definitely better than in the palaces, all of them.