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Jan 24, 2008 12:54 PM

Best olive selection in Queens?

I am an olivologist (is that a word?) I love olives! The olive bar at Fairway in the city was inexpensive and included the Royal Atlas olives...massive, meaty and oh-so-delicious. Have any of you hounds found the perfect olive spot in Queens? I'm looking for a big selection. Best when the olives are in barrels, rather than in plastic trays. I don't relish (no pun intended) the thought of traveling to the UWS for my fix.

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  1. not many places near me in JH. I have my best luck (when I am not up for traveling to fairway) with FreshDirect, honestly!

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      FreshDirect has a very limited selection. meh.

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        That it does, but much less limited than my nabe! I am an olive lover, and am always begging my dh to stop off at Gourmet Garage on his way home from work.

    2. Titan Foods, the Greek supermarket in Astoria on 31st Street.

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        also try euromarket on 31st st. in astoria. great selection and great prices.

        carmel israeli market on 108 st. in rego park has great prices and a very good selection, although a bit less variety than euromarket, or eurofoods, or whatever they're called.

      2. I get my olives at Fairway in Plainview. If you're willing to travel around Queens, you may as well drive out there--it's really not far, maybe 25 minutes from my house (NE Queens). And, of course, they have anything else you could possibly want.

        1. Titian in Astoria & the Euro market just down the block also under the N train tracks (31th Avenue & 30th Street). They have greek olives and some very spiced & sort of Morrocean ones with preserved lemons.

          Carmel on 108th & 64(th) on Forest Hills has middle eastern olives.

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            There are a couple varieties of olives that are pretty good at Carmel, otherwise, they just take them from the cans and transfer them into the plastic containers...I am an olive nut, and I can tell you my list of favorites--Citarella in the city, preferably the village location because they started prepacking everything uptown...for French olives with herbs, and nicoise olives--great quality,------for Sicilian olives, you need to be selective because while lots of places have them, often they are brown spotted and past their prime, or bitter or tough, often Citarella has a good selection, again village location, but they best I've had are from Sorriso's in Astoria, and from Iavorone Market, BUT only the New Hyde Park Location...also, in terms of best all around olive selection, I would say Iavorone Market in New Hyde Park consistently has the BEST olives I've seen (always beautiful looking calamata,and many other hard to find varieties as well as exotic stuffed ones) and also at prices way below Citarella. If you've got a car, go there, and grab a great pastrami sandwich a few doors down at Deli King. All at the Lake Success shopping center.

            As far as Titan, I buy my feta from them weekly, which they have the best selection, but frankly their olives sit there forever, and while I used to like the lemon and hot spiced ones, they can be bitter and tough, and the calamata are very spotted and not great often. So, I skip the olives because I've been disapointed too many times. Also, hard to believe but the Stop and Shop on Union Turnpike in Glendale/Forest Hills, actually has beautiful looking calamata olives on their takeout bar....I get them there alot.

          2. oh i miss living in astoria mostly for the olive bar at titan!