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Jan 24, 2008 12:53 PM

MUD Mineola is now Mojo

Same owners, same MUD coffee, now called Mojo.

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  1. Phew! I've been dreaming about their bacon, avocado, tomato grilled sandwich!!!

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    1. re: CurlieGlamourGirlie

      Regular food is good there? I thought they had an ambitious menu for a coffee shop. Coffee was good, brioche was very good. Guy offered to put nutella on it for me, which was a lovely idea.

    2. Same everything except for the name? I don't live in the area and didn't get to go there often, but it was better than average for LI coffee places.

      1. It's actually Mo' Joe...and yes, it's all the same. They now buy the coffee from MUD, but the owner liked the freedom of not having the official MUD name. They are also, finally, delivering every day. Great food...and the black and whites and the madelains were fresh and tasty. Glad they're still around.