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Jan 24, 2008 12:51 PM

Top 5 Best 2007 Desserts MSP????

1) Tres Leches Cake 112 Eatery
2) Chocolate Bread Pudding Brassa(sp?)
3) Cheese course Meritage
4) Cheese course Hedi's
5) The Patty Cake Yum

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  1. not in order:
    mung bean cheesecake, ngon (both chocolate & vanilla are awesome)
    pluot tart, alma
    sticky toffee pudding, fugaise
    cheesecake, spoonriver
    fresh blueberry tart, rustica
    i am not including ice cream/sorbet, donuts, cookies, mexican pastries, etc. that list would be out of control.

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    1. re: soupkitten

      individual plum tart, Common Roots Cafe
      carrot cupcake, Cupcake
      apple pie, Mississippi Market deli
      chocolate chip cookie, Lucia's TakeAway
      goat cheesecake, Cafe Brenda

    2. Hard for me to recall specifics on desserts, but certainly would have to include:

      -cranberry-apple cider sorbet from Pumphouse Creamery
      -tiramisu from Buon Giorno Express

      1. Meritage molten chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream!!!!!

        1. parsnip cake from the wedge
          cinnamon roll frozen custard from liberty's
          green tea cake from bravo bakery
          wintermelon bun from keifer court
          mangos & sticky rice from thai bazil

          1. Surly Ice Cream at Pumphouse
            Genache Filled cupcakes from Franklin Street Bakery
            Frangipane from Rustica
            Chocolate pot du creme at Grand Cafe
            Choclate truffles from Choclate Celeste