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Jan 24, 2008 12:47 PM

Any good places in Plantation, FL?

We can not find a good greek or mediterrian place in Plantation, or for that matter fresh seafood. Any suggestions around Plantation, or into Lauderdale?

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  1. Greek is real tough down here for some reason. I can't seem to find a decent place. But there are some very good restaurants that are 'close' to Greek - like Persian or Middle Eastern places. Kuluck is a Persian restaurant on University North of Commercial that does great kebabs, eggplant, and pilavs. You can also try Caspian Grill on Sunrise and University. Just North of Sunrise on University is Sunrise Pita, an Israeli joint that does fresh falafel, kebabs, shawarma, etc. with Mediterranean salads and breads. It's honestly one of the best, cheap lunch places in that area, period. You should definitely try that.

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      Try Falafel Bistro on Wiles Road in Coral Springs, just east of Coral Ridge Drive. Everything I've had there is excellent, including their falafel.

      Scroll down past the review, and you can click on a link to their menu....

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        Second that rec, Falafel Bistro is pretty awesome. If it's too far NW you could go to Sunrise Pita too, which is a little bit better just because of the amazing accoutrement you can get with your pita.

        Sunrise Pita & Grill
        2680 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33322

    2. next town over in Lauderhill is an awesome New Orleans joint for seafood, crawfish, etc. Great entertainment too. I haven't been in a couple years but we're coming down in March and can't wait to go again.

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        I was going to mention Rosey Baby's too.. that place is incredible. Crawfish season just started too!

      2. Check this out. Has stuff in Plantation and surrounding areas:

        also, I'm not sure if it's mentioned on that thread but Coral Springs has a decent greek place called Mythos. Not as good as others I've had in the area. There is something very strange about their hummus. But it hits the spot most of the time.

        1. we're back and spent two nights at Rosey Baby's - loved it sooooo much. The crawfish and peel n eat shrimp were fabulous, as was the shrimp po-boy, crawfish ettouffe, BBQ shrimp, etc. When you miss the food of new orleans as much as I do - you can't miss this place.

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            Awesome, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the report!