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Jan 24, 2008 12:30 PM

new Quebecois bistro coming to Mimico

Hey all,
I'm new to the Mimico area and have been trolling those parts to Long Branch looking for good places to eat. A few I'm reading about here on CH, looking forward to trying them out. As it's one of those 'transition' neighbourhoods, it appears we'll see some more interesting places soon.

One of which might be promising: thought I'd mention, a Quebecois bistro or cafe is opening in the Spring - passed by on the way home the other day. I'm also an ex-Montrealer so this is exciting news to me!

I'm hoping it will go beyond the poutine fare, though a good one wouldn't be unwelcome.
Anyone else heard about this place? It's on the north side of Lakeshore, I'd say just west of Superior. I think the name was something like 'Quebec sur la lac'...?

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  1. Very cool! Montreal seems to be having a real influence on the Toronto dining scene...yay!

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        The fare depends on the region of Quebec - there are 10. But, some examples might be hearty game stews and soups, savory tarts, local cheeses and patés. There is a focus is on game meats and most anything local and wild. Excellent seafood. Ingredients might include wild mushrooms and berries, fiddlehead ferns in the spring, maple syrup of course, and foie gras. Yummy yummy.
        One of my favorite books on the kitchen shelf is Julian Armstrong's A Taste of Quebec. I have the old one but it's got a second edition now. Very good! Also, Saveur magazine profiled a Quebec Christmas a few years ago if you can get your hands on a copy - wonderful feature article, made me so homesick!
        see it here:

    1. Zukeeper, what is typical Quebecois bistro fare, out of curiosity - sounds interesting.

      1. And I'm an ex too, a new one, so it's nice to know I can find comforts from my other hometown here!

        IMO, Quebecois fare is... dishes made from meats from the region, such as duck, quail, bison, pork, foie gras, rabbit, venison etc. The style is usually stick-to-your-ribs heavy to reflect the needs of living in the winter-heavy region.

        Of course there should be poutine too.

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          If you want to know what Quebecois food is like, check out the menu of my favourite restaurant. It's located on Duluth St. in Montreal.


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            Interestingly, in its last edition (the 100 list, Saveur magazine mentions Le Pied au Cochon twice.

            1. re: acd123

              Interestingly, it's my favourite restaurant there too. At least for now. You might realise I was thinking of its menu when writing the previous post :)

            2. re: tarteaucitron

              My favourite comfort food... When I used to spend summers in Quebec I would go to a spot there. Other traditional dishes are creton (kind of a pork spread...), tourtiere, sugar pie, baked beans, maple syrup everything, pea soup..

              Think about the heaviest most awesome food and you pretty much have Quebecois covered. Hmm I may have to explore this spot.

              1. re: Otonabee

                yep, that pretty much sums it up: comfort food.
                I haven't had a good (or even not so good) cipaille in ages. I'm hoping they'll include it on the menu. We have a cottage in Quebec so I can pick up some grocery items there but there are no restaurants to speak of. Luckily, a friend's mom makes great tortiere around the holidays, so we enjoy that with massive amounts of baked beans and butter tarts.
                Not exactly great if you're watching your waistline!

                Anyone have a Quebecois resto recommendation besides Bistro 990 or Le Sélect in Toronto?

                1. re: zukeeper

                  I'm sure the owners of Le Select will be surprised to learn they own a Quebecois restaurant.

                  1. re: cowhound

                    hmmm. yes - it's Parisien, and not Quebecois. True enough.
                    Still, it's a french bistro and to me the menu isn't all that different from what you might find in a good Quebecois resto, at least to me. When they were still on Queen (I worked across the street) many of the regulars were Montrealer ex-pats. I guess it just felt familiar in that way to me.

                    The owner was very nice, too. I loved their bread baskets that hung on a string-pully above your table.

                    Any other recommendations?

                    1. re: zukeeper

                      Well, it seems to have taken a bit of a slide in recent years, but Le Papillon identifies itself as a Quebecois restaurant.

                      Used to be one of my regular haunts. Everyone complains about the dated decor and the uncomfortable chairs, but still, on a cold night, if you can get a table by the fireplace, there is something very comforting about eating a hot crock of french onion soup.

                      1. re: zukeeper

                        Bibiche Bistro has a partly Quebec-inspired menu, and they occasionally have game brought in from Quebec, or at least they used to.

                        1. re: zukeeper

                          Agree, the place is more "French" than Quebecois. I didn't realise I was sitting among Montrealers when I used to eat there.

                          Sadly, the place doesn't feel the same at all after they moved. Somehow the essence of the bistro was gone with the move..

                      2. re: zukeeper

                        Better yet, anyone who knows where to find a half-decent cipaille in Toronto?

                        1. re: tarteaucitron

                          tarteaucitron, if you ever hear of it, please do let us know!
                          I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on the new place in Mimico for this treat...
                          Sad to hear Le Select may not be as it once was. I have not been back since they moved. I heard the wine cellar move was quite the adventure.

                          1. re: zukeeper

                            I suspect that one will still need to venture all the way to Montreal, at least, for this delicacy (what an oxymoron, for this dish =)

                            At least for a long time to come.

                  2. Normand from Toque is cooking with David at Splendido on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday if you want some Quebec-influenced fare!

                    Closer to home, the Village Butcher on Lakeshore east of Islington sells fresh tourtiere for home-baking.

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                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      Thank you Lazar, JamieK and Food Tourist for the recommendations, Iooking forward to checking them out. And yes, I'll definitely stop by the Village Butcher this weekend - nice to know they sell those pies!

                      1. re: Food Tourist

                        I'm pretty certain that both of these evenings at Splendido are booked solid with a waiting list. We are lucky enough to be attending and can't wait. It should be a spectacular night.

                      2. I am also new to the area and am very excited to hear about a Quebecois restaurant. I drove by the area and couldn't find it though. How far West of Superior is it?

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                        1. re: FrenchSoda

                          While I'm not new to the area, I also was intrigued and went looking for this place. Found it east of Superior, in the old Dave's Discs spot, beside the Indian restaurant.