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Jan 24, 2008 12:29 PM

Help- Dinner Idea in Bethesda

My aunts are coming to visit me- see my apartment and take me out to dinner next week. Where should I take them to dinner in Bethesda? I cant afford to spend alot---maybe 15-20 an entree...I was thinking Addies, Houston's??? I would say to stick with American and probably not be too adventurous? Ideas? Thank you!

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  1. Addies has had its ups and downs. It seems like the Blacks lose interest in their old places whenever they open a new place, and Addies has been very uneven for some time now. Worse - no reservations accepted, so be prepared to wait. The waiting area is a small enclosed porch that can be crowded and uncomfortable. Houston's is mini-chain and mediocre at best. Try Rock Creek for very good, very healthy food in a nice atmosphere. Check the website to see if it is in your price range.

    Maybe they will treat YOU to dinner! Older relatives usually do!

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      Houstons is now The Woodmont Grill. Just went there 2 nights ago and they changed their name to make themselves more "local" as they called it. I was shocked. Mostly the same menu though. They claimed they had MANY new entrees. I noticed only 1!

      They still have the best ribs in town.

      Steve R

    2. I have always had phenomenal meals at Addie's, but there is not a single entree under $25. Houston's is a step up from TGI Fridays. Although I really like the thai beef salad. If you're looking outside downtown Bethesda proper, I would go to Ambrosia (NW corner of Rockville Pike and Montrose). Great Greek place and if you go on the right night, they make the most amazing lima beans.

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        Ambrosia is very casual (paper placemats casual), but the food is great and inexpensive. It's one of my parents' favorite places to eat when they visit from out of town. The tres leches cake they often have for dessert is to die for.

        Another, slightly pricier option (depending on what you're ordering) is Clydes, either the location in Chevy Chase or the Clydes-run Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville. Though it's a chain, I've always been pleased with the food at both locations. There is ample seating in the main bar at the Tower Oaks Lodge if you want the most casual atmosphere.

      2. How about Mon Ami Gabi? I love the trout with capers, the steaks and frittes, mussels, the longs loafs of warm bread, the outstanding creme brulee. Then there is Mia's, for great pizza, the Red Tomato for pastas and their wood burning oven for pizza,

        1. I can't think of an American restaurant that I really like in Bethesda, but I would recommend Cesco, an Italian restaurant on Cordell. Entrees run $15-25, and they have plenty of options for the less adventurous.

          I normally take out-of-towners to Pines of Rome (on Hampden), possibly my favorite restaurant of all time. Cheap, charming, and simple. The white pizza with fontina is to die for.

          1. For unadventurous and reasonably priced, I'd recommend Olazzo, a charming Italian place. It's pretty basic Italian, but the prices are good and salad is even included in the entree, which keeps the bill low. I also like it because it is so obviously a neighborhood spot.